To say this is my first list with the new codex would be in error I have been busy building lists looking up the ones people have build here, changing and adapting till I came across something I liked. This is the final outcome. I welcome thoughts praise and criticism.

First off this list is designed to take on both Tau and IG as that is what my opponents play we could soon have a SM army joining us.


Cluster Spines

I took the tervigon because of its ability to create troops, I gave it Onslaught so that it can help the Zoan Thropes get a first turn shot on tanks, and also if that doesn't present to help the warriors or a spawned broodof termagaunts get in the fight.


The Doom of Malan'tai
Mycetic Spore

This is meant to come in and perform the finish them move. I will be aiming to drop it in near a whole bunch of troops using the mycetic spores ability to stop before troops and dangerous terrain. thus allowing it to get wounds very quickly and launch its attack.

2x Zoanthropes

Tank and suit Hunters also will be used later on against SM's

2x Hive Guard

Used for devil fish, suit and then lastly troop kiling, not sold on these guys yet. I think they would be invaluable in larger games but not quite sure because of the lack of shots however if they pop a hellhound then I won't be complaining.


5x Genestealers

5x Genestealers

Most likely try and use infiltrate.

3x Tyranid Warriors

Mostly designed to stay back shoot and hold objectives, reliable due to being synapse, will keep out the way of las cannons



Got the new model like the new rules. So cheap for an ap4 large blast, i'm surprised that most of the other lists I have seen don't take any of these though I thought maybe because of MEQ's