1250 Tourney : New 'Nids - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1250 Tourney : New 'Nids

    Yesterday I played in a 1250 Tourney, and I ran the following list:

    Hive Tyrant
    Venom Cannon
    Hive Commander


    40 Gaunts in 10, 10 and 20 config
    10 Genestealers

    Heavy Support:
    Trygon Prime
    Adrenal Glands
    Trygon Prime
    Adrenal Glands


    45/48 points for the day, beaten by someone who I never got to play for first. Cinched second and 60$.
    All the boards were really cramped by dangerous terrain for my flyrant, but almost none of it hid him. Which was fine, since it usually gave my zoanthropes room to room in. I lost the three points on tying an objective with the friend I'd come with, who was playing salamanders. The objective was to kill your enemies' highest point cost unit while keeping yours alive. Mine? A Flyrant. Great. I'm not sure what his was but I tabled him. Not before he could pound 3 wounds of melta into my Flyrant, who then Perils of the Warped his goddamn head off. NICE

    Game one: CSM

    Objectives: 10pts to player with more troops in opponent's deployment zone, 6 to the player who kept the enemy out of his.

    The map was divided in half by dangerous terrain in the form of a river, which was spanned by two bridges. Obelisks were literally everywhere, and all the fighting in the game took place on a little hill in my deployment zone. It had ridges about twice the height of a marine and half that of my flyrant.

    He went first, deploying 3 rhinos full of 6-7 berzerkers way on the flank and 3 obliterators in the middle in some cover, holding in reserve his termie squad and termie lash sorc. I deployed my flyrant, 20 man gaunts, and a zoe, all more or less lined up with a bridge on the same side his rhinos were on. Chaos moved their rhinos up forward, towards the river, but immediately rolled a 1 while passing over some crap for one of his rhinos. His other two made it about to the river (exact midboard), where on my turn I smoked one with a zoe's lance. Three 'zerkers got out.

    Turn two he kept movin' up, and scored a wound on my flyrant, while I got every one of my reserve rolls. Two Trygons on top of his oblits, outflanked genestealers and one squad of gaunts to the exact opposite flank. Essentially two units dead to the game, but at this point almost a garuntee of 10 points for me. 10 gaunts and a zoe off my board edge, where they got assaulted by some zerkers. We then began to slug it out.

    By the end of the next turn, one Trygon, three oblits, the rest of the 'zerkers in the second popped rhino, and all the units I'd just moved off my board edge. Eventually his termies and sorc came in. They lashed and then flamed by termigaunts almost to death, and proceeded to do almost nothing else. Shadow in the Warp shut down lash and caused perils successfully once after that. My living trygon fought it out with some 'zerkers in his final rhino, and my ridiculously bad rolling caused the zerks and my trygon to die at the same time on the last turn. The irrelvance of that was driven home by my Hive Tyrant wonderfully killing his last berserker squad in my deployment zone.

    MVP: Hive Tyrant
    He shut down lash, regained one wound by killing a marine, wiped out a squad of bezerkers, and just for fun assaulted and killed his sorc before having all of his power-wep armored termies fail to hit and wound on 5-6 and 6.

    I'll finish with the other two if anyone wants me to later. I'm so impressed by this codex. A few thoughts on the army: 10 man genestealers aren't as brutal as they once were, but almost always win and sweep combat. (They killed vulcan!) My gaunts never did anything but capture and never crossed midboard. Zoanthropes are woefully fragile, I'm not sure if I'll run them again. Trygons were solid. I'm not completely happy with them, but I'll give them a passing grade for their ability to DS behind AV10 and reliably penetrate, and their preposterous CC. HT with Hivecommander is, without doubt, the most useful unit entry I've ever bought. The heavy venom cannon was pretty meh, but it popped one rhino once.

    Mene, Mene, Tekel U-Pharsin

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    *moved to army-list section*
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    erm, Rabbit why the army list? i know it has an army list, but i would have moved it to the batrep section. just a thought, not meant to usupr your mod abilities .
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