So Sat night me and my necron friend have a 1000 point match. Here is how my list went:

Hive Tyrant:
-Stranglethorn, Leech essence, Psychic Scream, Regen, Armoured Shell. = 250

Hive Guard (2): = 100

Zoanthropes (2): = 120

- In 2 squads of 10. = 100

-Regeneration. = 190

Trygon Prime: = 240

The battle was a complete success. By turn 4 I made him phase out at 9 models left and I had my kill pile was just a bunch of gants with zoans (cause they just die now). My trygon was down to 1 wound, and one wound on my Hive Guard.

Looking back at my list now I could have made some really nice changes. Like taken a HVC on my tyrant to instant kill, and moved regeneration to my trygon instead cause he needs it more.