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Thread: 3000 point army

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    3000 point army

    Hi guys this is my first post here as i am new back onto the 40k scene after about 8 years out.

    I have a load of my old tau models (fortunatly not painted, and mostly not crafted), from when i was like 13/14. I was also lucky to pilfer a few models off a friend who was downsizing.

    So with a little cash injection i dont see it being to difficult to put together a 3000 point army, which a lot of people around my way play and i like the idea of big battles.

    mostly i'm aiming at an all rounder, thats hopefully reasonably fast, and working with the tau philosophy of cutting down casaulties by not getting all upclose and personal.

    now if i'm making any mistakes please holler, i'm tottally open to critisism.

    so heres the list.
    Troop: 960 points
    4 x 6 Fire warriors+6 Gun drones+ Marker Light + team leader (140 points per unit) - 560 Points.

    4x Devilfish+2x Seeker Missiles (100 points each) - 400 Points.

    HQ: 282 points
    Shas'o crisis suit+Airburst Launcher+PLasma Rifle+Drone Controller+2xGun drones+Multitrack+target Lock+Sheild Gen(165)
    Shas'vre bodygaurd+Plasma+missle+drone contr.+2xgundrones+milti track+target lock+sheild gen(117)

    Elites: 628 points
    2 x 3 crisis suits+3x plasma+1missle+1burst+1flamer+shas'vre upgrade+2 gun drones+3multitrackers (204 per unit) - 408
    2 x 3 Stealth suits+shas'vre upgrade+markerlight (110) - 220 points

    Fast Attack: 570 points
    2 x 3 XV9 "Hazard" suits + 3xdrone control+6x gundrones (285) - 570 points
    This is my only real expense, hence why i went for shineys from forgeworld.

    Heavy: 560 points
    2 x Hammers heads with Railgun + 2x seekers each (160) - 320 points
    Sniper team x 3 (80 each) - 240 points

    Which all adds up to 3000 points nicely, unless i made a significant cock-up which i have not forseen (hence why i am asking you guys).

    Now a few questions from my side - is it worth going with an almost all suit theme, and sticking some broadsides in there instead of the hammerheads?
    Are the XV9 hazard suit thingies actually anygood or do they just look a lot shinyer than they really are?

    Thanks for taking your time to read this and please be as brutally honest as you want

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    sorry to say but you have a lot of illegal units there, so i'l try my best to help you out.

    swap your shas'o for a shas'el with targeting array, way cheaper than the shas'o setup you have there and if you really need the invunrable save use shield drones. bodyguards are expensive but do able.

    ok you need to lose 1 unit here as you have 4 and are only allowed 3, also its never a good thing to have that many different weapons in a XV8 unit, as they will never get fully utilised properly, stick to 1 loadout like fireknive (plasma rifle, misslepod, multi-tracker) stealths are ok if you really want them although i would advise more XV8's


    ok small units die fast and all the devilfish need disruption pods as standard (infact all tau vehicles should have this upgrade bought for them) also you nearly have 100pts of seekers there which is a tad over kill. last but not least NO KROOT! you need kroot for counter assault, blocking and infriltrating. they are amazing at what they do so seriously think about them


    yes hazards are fantastic models and i presume great in game (never used them myself but would love too one day) but you have no pathfinders, which are great at boosting units firepower by adding BS or reducing cover saves, a must have in my book


    ok another illegal choice as you have to give the hammerheads secondary weapons, and once again DISRUPTION PODS!! you will thank me when that cheap upgrade saves your expensive tanks, also sniper teams are'nt "all that" consider losing them or replacing them with XV88's

    if your still having trouble i would highly recomend the stickied topics as there about the best advice you will get from anywhere. hope this has helped and good luck with any future games.

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