Hey guys,

I've been reading/painting for the last 6 months (I prefer to have the model completely finished before I use it in a game). I played my first game last week at a local shop (also been going/watching people there for the last 6 months). I have enough models painted for 500/750 ish army and need some help(the people I play with usually use IG, Marine or Ork...if that helps). Also let me know what I need to purchase/paint next...I know I need Hammerheads or XV88 (I'm leaning toward XV8. I'm also partial to FoF.

Units unpainted:

1 X Crisis Suits
3 X Stealth Suits

Units completed (available for army):

2 X Crisis Suits
3 X Stealth Suits
12 X FW
12 X Kroot (just finished this week)
1 X Devilfish

All crisis suits/fish are magnetized so pick what you want...I might post some pics of my painting for critique later