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    My 2k Craftworld

    I usually play games for fun but my friend and I are also very competitive players so Ive designed an army that I really like the look of and that suits my play style.

    Autarch 155
    -Laser Lance
    -Reaper Launcher
    Farseer 173
    -Spirit Stones
    -Singing Spear
    -Runes of Witnessing

    9 Fire Dragons, Fire Dragon Exarch, Wave Serpent 322
    -Dragons Breath Flamer
    -Crack Shot
    -Twin-linked Bright Lances
    -Spirit Stones
    5 Fire Dragons, Fire Dragon Exarch 113
    -Dragons Breath Flamer
    -Crack Shot

    9 Dire Avengers, Dire Avenger Exarch, Wave Serpent 297
    -Dual Catapults
    -Twin-linked Bright Lances
    -Spirit Stones
    6 Jetbikes, Warlock 207
    -2 Shuriken Cannons
    12 Jetbikes 304
    -4 Shuriken Cannons

    9 Warp Spiders, Warp Spider Exarch 252
    -Dual Spinners

    Falcon 175
    -Shuriken Cannon
    -Shuriken Cannon Upgrade
    -Spirit Stones


    The Farseer joins the squad of 12 and the Autarch gets in the squad of 6 with the Warlock.

    I generally use the Warp Spiders to keep my Jetbikes out of combat and then use Hit & Run and reposition to focus fire. My Jetbikes use their cannons more than anything else, they may fire their catapults one or two times a game especially the squad of 12. The Autarch's squad helps as a combat threat to enemy units and can also take out units in cover that Ive managed to isolate and they may assault the odd Monstrous Creature that has a couple wounds left and is most likely Doomed. Typically the Falcon plays really defensively supporting my infantry for their lack of Anti-Armor. I rarely sacrifice my Fire Dragon units for a tank. If I want to kill a tank then I will wait until I can focus fire on anything around it to keep my Fire Dragons primarily out of assaults but also out of shooting that might kill them. But most of the time its not too hard to take out a few transports or shake a vindicator by range and then use my Fire Dragons to take out heavy infantry.

    Dont make fun of me because I'm not using two Farseers I like Autarchs and I find the addition to the Reserves rolls to be very useful.

    As all men must thank the progenitors, so we must endure the present that those who come after may continue the greater work.

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    Its always nice to see lists that arnt the same as everyone elses.

    That farseer needs to have 2 powers, not 3. Save yourself some points. Then remove runes of witnessing and add runes of warding.

    I like to put TL shuriken cannons on my FD transports because they move so fast they are never shooting anyway...

    The 2nd small squad of DA should probably keep the 5th fusion gun and drop crack shot. sometimes you need all 5 to do the job. Bad rolling with FD is badddd.

    Id give that warlock a different power if I were you. Like any of them BUT destructor.

    Cant jetbikes only go up to ten strong + warlock?

    If the warp spiders are going to be in assault they better have the power blades. Its a steal for the points anyway.

    Since the falcon is carrying fire dragons and going to be moving alot, id say the shuriken catapult is better than the theoretically it will probably have more chances to shoot.
    Eldar -APOC- 6500 Points
    Chaos Daemons -Fate Crusher- 3500 Points
    Grey knights - 1000 Points

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