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    1500 pts. First list since 3rd ed.

    Ok so this list is only useing what I currently have, i am open to a few suggestions for new models and i will list the extra models that i have that are not used at the end.

    Tyrant w/Heavy Venom Cannon, and Bonesword/whip
    3 tyrant guard
    375 pts

    24 Hormagaunts
    xxx pts

    24 Termagaunts w/devourer
    240 pts

    20 genestelers
    xxx pts

    5 ripper swarms w/tunnel swarm and spinefists
    85 pts

    3 warriors 2 w/deathspitters 1 w/barbed strangler

    Heavy Support
    Old One Eye
    xxx pts.

    Total = 1494

    Unused models
    4 genestealers

    3 Zoanthropes 1 is 2nd ed.

    1 warrior also 2nd ed.

    1 Fex

    I was looking into maybe getting another BattleForce/gargoyles and maybe some Raveners. I am currently in the process of stripping my old paint job off all my models and repainting them, and also planning on cutting off all the arms to add magnets.

    looking forward to the feedback.

    Last edited by Col. Dracus; January 22nd, 2010 at 21:53. Reason: added the points total and edited point values to keep with forum rules...

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