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    1500pt 5th ed CC-ish

    Hello Gentleman.
    My opponent is playing an IG+Inquisitor mechanized force.
    I know he likes to heavily stack his Inquistor retinue.
    I know he's taking a Valkyrie gunship
    I know hes taking 2 rhinos a chimera and a leman russ
    I know there will probably be stormtroopers

    I had such a hard time busting SM tanks in 4th ed with the tyranids rather limited high strength weapons and I'm looking to change tactics and trying and pop them in CC. Is this a good idea?
    I know trygons, mawlocs and hive guard are preferred tank-busters but I currently do not own any and I'm trying to make due with what I have.

    Hive Tyrant
    -Scything Talons
    -Heavy Venom Cannon
    195 pts

    2 x Tyrant Guard
    120 pts

    Tyranid Prime
    -Rending Claws
    85 pts

    8x Warriors
    -Rending Claws
    -Adrenal Glands
    320 pts

    20x Genestealers
    -Adrenal Glands
    340 pts

    20x Hormagaunts
    120 pts

    2x Zoanthropes
    120 pts

    Scything Talons
    Heavy Venom Cannon
    Bio Plasma
    205 pts

    Dealing with that much armor at 1500 points is a real challenge for me so any and all feedback is appreciated.

    Thank you

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    2 squads of hive guard are good for taking down anything not a russ and flanking genestealers with warriors from the hive commander ability is good. A winged hive tyrant hiding behind carnifexes and other things will scare them. Also when buiying a tervigon, grab the FNP casting to give him an annoying tarpit unit to tie up. Also you hive tyrant can cast ( at 12 inches ) a spell that reduces a units BS and WS to 1 until your next turn . Failing that, having trygons and deploying them at the start can give your opponene't s areal headache. being a fleeting MC is just not good to face .
    Superior stamina may win battles, but the ability to quickly recover wins wars.

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    First up, get those rending claws off that prime and replace them with boneswords, i assume youve put them on for WISIWIG, but if your opponent would be okay with it then count them as Swords.

    Secondly that unit of genestealers is ridiculously huge, either halve it or split it into 2 squads. They dont really need adrenal glands either.

    However something that could are the hormaguants. With furious charge, those things are more than capable of glancing a Valkerie or chemra to death, not to mention any pumped up inquisitor retinues.

    What powers does the tyrant have? Persoanlly id go for Paryoxism and leech essance, use paryox on the storm troops and see what they can hit with BS1, and use leech on targets of opourtunity. Paryox should be a prioritory though.

    That warrior squad is hugly expensive too, and its not in a pod, so one blast from the russ and that squad is gone. Either get a pod, or make sure you have some cover nearby/kill the russ fast. Personally id drop 2 models aswell.

    As for what to buy in the future, as you say hive guard should be high on the list, swiftly followed by a trygon of some sorts.
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