so i went fisty cuffs against a necron player today and i never had too much luck with them in the past but the new nids proved a significant difference. this is the list i created for the 1500 pt game. it's 1492 points and i may be missing some biomorphs off some of them if you add it up because the list isnt in front of me atm.


tyranid warrior prime
scything talons


mycetic spore


tyranid warriorx8
scything talons
mycetic spore





heavy support:

trygon prime

rupture cannon


everything is in reserve accept my termagaunts, tervigon, and tyrannofex. i place the tyrannofex in a corner somewhere with potential cover sources nearby and my 2 troops are placed near the center of my deployment zone. the plan was to drop my zoans out of range of the monolith flux arc but in range to shoot it, and drop my squad of warriors and warrior prime attached directly next to a squad of necron warriors farthest away from the necron lord to ignore the rez orb when i ignore the n warrior's armor saves. my trygon prime was to pop up to take care of the destroyer and/or immortal squads. the hormagaunts would follow shortly after through the tunnel and my genestealers would outflank.

what happened:

the tyrannofex popped shots with my zoanthropes at the monolith all game and the result was 2 weapon destroyed results after 3 turns and it finally wrecked on the forth turn from a rupture cannon shot.

my warriors and warrior prime squad dropped next to necron warriors as planned and this was bad and good. bad because since i couldnt assault he was able to light that squad up his entire shooting phase and my 9 warriors was reduced to 4 before i could use them. good because he spent an entire shooting phase on one unit. that alone pays for itself imo. anyway my squad assaulted his warriors eventually and the four nids alone overkilled his 10 necrons.

my trygon prime scattered a lil far from his destroyers and locked combat with his wraiths. i gave catalyst to my trygon prime the whole game with my tervigon as well and it helped, saving 2 failed save rolls against the wraiths. i was affraid they were gonna stay locked in combat the whole game until he failed a -1 leadership, failed on the initiative roll over, and got over run. the fight occured ontop of his tunnel so no hormagaunts even showed up this game. i turned the trygons attention back to the destroyers.

at this points during turn four the necron player forfeited. he still had 2 entire squads of warriors a lord destroyers and immortals but he knew he was a goner. trygon prime, warrior prime, heavey fire, tervigon, genestealers, and a brood of horms that were not on the table yet were all about ready to assault the rest of his army and he confessed that he would not fair very long in cc.

what i learned:

trygon prime is probably not worth it. a regular trygon will suffice since his 12 shot range didnt do any damage anyway and i had enough synapse in this list. additionally, his regen was useless. not because it failed but because i didnt even take any wounds on him (thanks to catalyst).

utilize los when dropping expensive warriors to do some nasty cc. imagine what 9 healthy warriors would've done if 4 destroyed an entire squad!

zoanthropes are fragile (learned in a previous game) but keep them just out of range of most guns and they should be golden.

if i make these subtle changes i can improve the list with the extra points to better destroy other armies. i feel that there is a lot of potential here

forgive me if this is too much of a battle report than a list. any suggestions, tips, and comments are appreciated ill edit any mistakes in the list when i have my list in front of me.