So, I got a free Tau army when a friend moved away, only problem is that it's kinda half assembled and missing bits. Fortunately, I play with friends, so I don't have to deal with a lot of "Nuhn-uh, that model has a fusion blaster, not a flame thrower!", but it would be nice to keep things in the ballpark. (although, the idea of using a sack of dollar store farm animals rebased is a tempting substitute for some kroot)

What I have is about 15 gun drones, six "assembled" crisis suits, 45(!) fire warriors (EVERY ONE with a pulse rifle!), a hammerhead, three devilfish (Although there is a spare railgun, so one might be supposed to be another hammerhead, as they share the same chassis), three stealth suits, two vespid(!?), and the majority of a piranha. At the moment, I'm unemployed, so I have time to paint and play (yay!), but not money to buy a lot of new stuff (Well, maybe a ethereal, but only because they're cool.)

What I need is to put together a squad that can fight orks and tyranid, and maybe not embarrass itself in front of chaos.

The Plan: (750 points)

HQ: (153pts)
Shas' el (97 pts)
Airbursting Frag Projector, Missile Pod, Targeting Array, HW Multi-tracker, HW target-lock

Shas' vre (56 pts)
Flamer, missile pod, multi-tracker

Troops: (330pts)
Firewarriors x 10, shas' ui, bonding knife, devilfish (195)
Firewarriors X 11, shas' ui, bonding knife (125)

Fast Attack: (96 pts)
Gun Drones x4
Gun Drones x4

Heavy Support: (175 pts)
Hammerhead: railgun, burst cannons, disruption pod, flechette discharger, multi-tracker

Total: 744 pts

I've been using the drones to do things like provide cover saves for units behind them (nobody ever shoots at drones for some reason), and get in the way of trucks, to cut down on some of their terrifying speed. And one time to plug up the doors on a chaos transport. Any suggestions will be appreciated.