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    1850 tournament speed freaks

    big 40k tournament coming up, wrote this one because I have a need for speed. The green tide can become a pain sometimes. this is just a rough draft really, as I'm seeing some issues (I'll have to test it first though). Just getting it out for feedbakc and what have you for now, but expect additions and subtractions. Here it is though...

    Mega armour
    Cybork body
    Boss pole

    Big mek

    6X 12 boys
    Power klaw nob
    Rokkit launcha
    (one of the squads is ten while another is 11 to fit characters)

    red paint
    rokkit launcha

    2X5 nob bikers
    - pain boy with boss pole
    - 2 power klaws (one wiht ammo runt)
    - 1 with big choppa
    all have stikk bombs and cybork bodies

    Fast attack
    2X rokkit buggies

    Battle wagon
    - red paint job
    - deff rolla
    - 2X big shootas


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    The main problem are two units that don't seem to have a purpose: the warboss and the battlewagon. There's nowhere for the warboss to go besides alone, with no unit attached, inside the battlewagon, and that's not a good idea. I'd drop him and use a big mek w/kustom force field instead. The obscurement save would be invaluable for your trukks.

    If you like the battlewagon, I'd either drop one of the trukks, or one of the units of nob bikers, and instead field a either a unit of 20 boyz (identical to the trukkboyz, only 20 instead of 12) or a unit of nobz or meganobz, in the battlewagon. The wagon is only worth it if it's transporting something, even if it's just a unit of boyz. In fact, 20 shoota boyz w/nob, powerklaw, bosspole, and 2 big shootas is my personal favorite unit in the army.

    The second largest problem is the lack of bosspoles in the units of trukkboyz. Always take bosspoles whenever you can.

    Besides that, the only other things I'd do is drop all the rokkits from the untis of boyz (their aim is too poor, it's not worth it), rams to all the trukks so they don't get stuck in terrain, an additional nob bike, waaaaugh banne, and 2-3 combi-skorchas for each nob biker unit. I don't like big choppas. Also, you don't have to list the stikkbombs. All nobz get them.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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