Ok this is my first Nid list. Always wanted a nid army, was just waiting for the new stuff

Anyhow, using my limited resources Im trying to make a semi fluffy Hive fleet Kracken army. All I have for fluff though is the current Codex. Im playing it as whats left of the attack wave on Craftworld Iyanden. The Hive mind has recreated the Hive tyrant that fought Prince Yriel, rectifying the flaw in the beasts Chitin. Now the beast is trying to regain Biomass for the Hivefleet on some closeby planets building strenght for a second attack on Iyanden.

So thoughts, Coments & Critism please

[255]Hive Tyrant - Hive commander, Regenerate, Armoured Shell
[120]Tyrant Guard x2

[100]Hive Guard x2

[140] Deathleaper

[120] Zoanthrope x2
[50]Mycetic Spore- Cluster Spine

[100]Termagant x20
[50]Mycetic Spore - Clusterspine

[100]Termagant x20
[50]Mycetic Spore - Clusterspine

[110]Warriors x3 - Deathspitter x2, Barbstrangler
[50]Mycetic Spore - Clusterspine

[96]Hormagaunt x16

[96]Hormagaunt x16

[120]Gargoyle x20

[105]Ravener x3 - Rending claw x3.

[265]Trygon Prime - Regeneration

2 MC's
4 Synapse
105 troops
3 Psykers
4 'drop pods'
4 'deepstrikers'

Total 1927. Got 73 points to spend, possible for any must have upgrade I missed. If there are none, then a unit of stealers. I could swap Deathleeper for 2 regular Lictors or the Doom with a pod.
Also you think 4 Synapse is enough? General thoughts?