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    Tyranid Balanced List 1700 pts

    Hi guys,
    This is my first list that I'm satisfied with since the new codex. I don't have significant experience yet with the new codex, anyone care to comment my army list.

    I did not do anything fancy, my goal was to create a list against all comers. Hive guard and zoan are used for tank hunting, the Tyranid Prime and warriors will turtle their way to CC behind the gaunt. The Tervigon will spawn scoring unit and sit on an objective. Stealers will most probably outflank to keep my opponent away from the side and the Mawloc will probably deepstrike in the middle. I do not intend to deepstrike the Trigon unless I fight in a dawn of war mission.

    Tyranid Prime, Lash whip & bonesword, Adrenal Glands; 105 pts

    2 Hive Guard; X pts
    1 Venomthrope; X pts
    3 Zoanthrope; X pts

    10 Genestealer, Toxin sacs; 170 pts
    10 Genestealer, Toxin sacs; 170 pts
    4 Tyranid Warrior, Pair of Boneswords, Toxin sacs; 180 pts
    14 Termagant; X pts
    Tervigon, Scything talons, Adrenal glands, Toxin sacs, Regeneration, Catalyst; 230 pts

    Heavy Support:
    Trygon Prime, Regeneration, Adrenal glands; 275 pts
    Mawloc; X pts

    Last edited by dapredator66; January 27th, 2010 at 19:57. Reason: Added venomthropes

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