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    2000 point list versus Tau comments appreciated

    Hive tyrant - Heavy venom cannon, Twin-Linked Devourers, Regeneration, Hive Commander (255)
    2x Tyrant Guard (120)
    3x Zoanthrope (180)
    3x Lictors (165)
    15x Genestealers in a Mycetic Spore with Twin-Linked Deathspitters (260)
    15x Genestealers in a Mycetic Spore with Twin-Linked Deathspitters (260)
    24x Termagaunts (120)
    20x Hormagaunts (120)
    3x Tyranid Warriors - toxin sacs, and rending claws (120)
    Tyrannofex - Rupture Cannon (265)
    3x Biovores (135)

    Total: 2000

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    we so need an option to disable smileys

    ok, i assume those tyrant gaurd are his retinue.

    you got lots of troops, genestealers are good and usually can do well against troops and light mech.

    put toxin sacs on the hormagaunts.

    you have 3 units that can put hurt on armor, your hive tyrant, who gets a -1 to all damage results, 3 zoa's that have an 18" range, and a tyrannofex with good range, and great penetration from s10, but a BS of 3. your zoa's all have to shoot at the same target, if your lucky a squadron but because of range are unlikely to get a shot till 3 turn, or second if your opponent is really aggressive with troop transports. basically what i am saying is that i would like to see a little more anti tank. Harpy's or hive guard, or even a second squad of zoa's drop podded in might all work

    not a big fan of rending claws, i prefer bone swords, all you lose out on is the +d3 and you gain ignore armor and instant death checks. toxin sacs make sense if you are going after high toughness creatures, but you are specifically facing tau, so all they really give you is a reroll to wound and you already wound on 3+

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    3 Lictors are also acceptable against vehicles. 6 S6 shots at rear armor (usually 10). On average, 3 will hit, and you should be getting a penetrating hit and a glance.
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