Hey all! I've just been playing with the new 'dex with a variety of lists and this is my fairly balanced list. So far I've won 3 and lost 1 with this. Feedback is wanted!! What am I missing? What am I doing well? What could I do better?


Hive Tyrant
- 2 X Scything Talons
- Paroxism
- Leech Essence
2 x Tyrant Guard
- Lash whips



3 X Hiveguard

2 X Zoanthropes

2 x Zoanthropes

390 pts


15 x Termagant

15 x Termagant

30 x Termagant

1 x Tervigon
- Toxin Sacs
- Adrenal glands
- Onslaught/Catalyst - depending on the army

495 pts

Fast Attack

20 x Gargoyles
- Adrenal glands
- Toxin Sacs

9 x Sky-Slasher Swarm Broods
- Toxin Sacs

331 pts


Trygon Prime

240 pts

Basically my strategy has been to run my two broods of 15 gaunts towards objectives and the bood of 30 push down the middle with the Tervigon, one group of zoans, and the Tyrant. The Tyrgon Prime taking one of the flanks (I do not deepstrike him, because he just gets shot to pieces unsupported.), with either the flying rippers or gargs and the other flank consists of the Hive Guard, other Zoan and the left over flying unit.
The 1st turn I'll Catalyst my gaunts if its a shooty army to give them a bit more survability. The plan is to get at LEAST my tyrgon into CC by turn two. Which has always worked due to the godsend that is Onslaught. Onslaught + Trygon Prime = pain.
Also Flying rippers + toxin sacs = moar pain. And the same goes for Gargoyles. I wish I could field more of them but I only have 20 models so far . They are by far the best unit in the codex. 8 pts for posion on hit and wound. thats pretty op. God help your opponent if you can somehow get Preff Enemy on those suckers.