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    2000pts tourney worthy?

    Here's a list I want to apire to collect and I want to know if its good.

    Necron lord 195
    res orb, phase shifter, warsythe, phtlacy

    Necron lord 150
    - res orb, warsythe

    10 immortals 280
    10 flayed ones 180

    10 warriors 180
    10 warriors 180
    10 warriors 180
    10 warriors 180

    Heavy Support

    Monolith 235
    Monolith 235

    total 1993

    lord with just res orb goes with flayed ones for some combat boosting and annoyance to fire support dedicated troops and to make sure the flayed ones stick around for a long time. warriors and immortals have a huge fire base of 100 gauss shots if all in 12" range. One monolith will support the fire base and the other one will support the flayed ones to sabotage really nasty things that will really annoy me. I don't really need to worry about phase out as I have 62 necrons. Oh by the way the other lord goes with the immortals to orchrestrate all those warriors and the immortals.

    Any Questions?

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    Umm... yeah.
    Not to burst your bubble but there are a number of things that could be improved in general. The list is good, don't get me wrong but it seriously lacks range and mobility.

    Firstly, since 2/3 of games that are played are objectives based, how are you going to make last turn objective grabs? Having a giant firebase makes it difficult to seize multiple objectives and splitting the firebase up to seize those objectives will undermine the strength and durability of the necron warmachine you have made. Another thing that caught my eye... There are no destroyers. I realise that it may be a personal choice but destroyers are immensely valuable in tournys as they provide mobile firepower where needed and have the ability to do last minute turbo boosting for end game objectives contesting.

    Secondly, why make such a big points investment in flayed ones? Again, its may be your personal choice but flayed ones aren't just worth it. They're good CC fighters but they lack 'ooomph' as they have no armour saves ignoring abilities. And in my view, you're wasting a HQ slot to accompany one unit and a monolith 'just to keep the flayed ones alive for longer'.

    Thirdly, why would '62 necrons' eliminate PO concerns? I had an interesting discussion with fellow necron members and some shared that buffing up with necron warriors isn't a good solution to buffing the PO count. Even though you've improved the PO count, you gave up range to do so which comes at a disadvantage as opponents will get plenty of shots in before you march to their half of the battlefield. And even with a ResOrb, WBB can only help you so far and its more sensible not to rely on WBB all the time.

    Its up to you whether you want to make changes but I'd do the following:

    Lose the flayed ones, they just aren't worth it in a tourny set up. Take the monolith that would've gone with the flayed ones and put it with the phalanx instead.
    You don't really need two necron lords unless you're using them for very different roles but as far as I can tell, they're just ResOrb support. Lose the second one.
    Now, instead, I'd use the points (if enough) to get 2x 4 strong destroyer units, I think I'll allow someone else to explain how you could potentially use them.
    Since you have immortals, I'd consider dropping a warrior squad and using the points to pay for the destroyers if not already paid for and the rest to get some tomb spyders, they are somewhat cheap for what they can do to help your force.

    That's my input and in short... It's not really a flexible tourny list. It'll work against some builds/lists but not so against most and in objectives games.

    (Sorry if the criticism seems harsh but I'm just pointing out the points that could be improved)
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    720 (x8)

    Things I like in this list:

    - Lots of Warriors for a good firebase (I like warriors and they are pretty tough comers as troops go)
    - Flayed Ones (to pull some nasty tricks on enemy snipers/heavy weapons)

    Things I'd improve:

    - Thought about putting Flayed Ones into two (2) squads of 4 or 5 models and using them unsupported? ... That way you could deep-strike them and wreak havoc to enemy long range weapons
    - Lose the second lord that would have gone with Flayed Ones and get Destroyers. 200 pts worth of Destroyers can bring instant hurt where needed.
    - Build the Phalanx out of 40 warriors, 10 immortals and the 2 monoliths at wings. Use the Monoliths to teleport your warriors out of CC and near objectives and you got some wonderfull mobility.
    Last edited by Polaria; February 2nd, 2010 at 11:40.

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    I would drop one of the lords and either half or all the flayed ones. Then use the saved points on destroyers. Also For wargear on the lord I would always take gaze of flame over phylactery. It has so many more benifits including keeping your guys alive by nullifying charge bonuses. Chronometron is also preferable to a warscythe as it is brilliant for preventing sweeping advances.
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