Here is a list I want to test and see how it does and I was wondering of your opinions

Airbursting Fragmentation Projector
Cyclic Ion Gun
Shield Generator
Hard-wired multitracker

2x Stealth Teams of 3
team leader plus markerlight
fusion blaster

2xFire warriors 11 men team
All have EMP gernades
Devilfish Transport with disruption pod

Fast Attack-None

Heavy Support-240pts
3xSniper Drone Teams

Most of this list is for fun while if it does work I might make it a standard list.

The HQ is mostly for distraction and since its old its painted shiny gold with silver (I used to love to paint things gold) so I think people will shoot at it first as they do most of the time. As for the snipers just to pick out troops or light vehicles as the spoter uses his markerlight, same thing for the stealth suits except they can destroy heavy vehicles.

So what you guys think?