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    New 40k player expanding from assault on black reach

    hi people!, im new to 40k and i just splitted assault on black reach box with a friend.
    Thus i only have models from the box. I have not assembled them yet as i dun know which way i should.
    I am trying to build a footsloggin orkz lists preferably without vehicles cause i like my army looking like a horde.

    im trying to get together a 1000 pts list to play at my local gaming store and so i hope u guys could help me out

    what i tought i would field is

    Big mek with shokk attack gun
    a whole big bunch of boyz with guns
    maybe a a boyz unit in a trukk
    and the 3 deffkoptas possibly as seperate units for versatility( i dun know what i should bring with them but i was thinking of rokkits)

    will this kind of list work? help much apprieciated!thanks

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    Sure, that looks like a good start for a list. Just be sure to give every unit of boyz a powerklaw and bosspole.

    You don't really need the warboss if you're not using nobz. Perhaps you can use the nobz as kommandos, and make the warboss a kick-ass snikkrot or nob leader? If you like it, then use it, but I just thought I'd throw that out there.

    The Shokk Attakk Gun really needs a small unit of grots to stick to. That way he can hang back, and the grots can even claim an objective while they're at it.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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