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    My first eldar army

    Hey I am new to the forums and a new warhammer 40k player.

    I picked tau just out of my friends suggestion as he has played 40k for a while and said that the style of play would fit me.

    My funds have been somewhat limited and as a result I had to mix and match what I could and buy most the things off ebay.

    With no funding left and around 100 bucks spent this is what I have:

    - 10 guardians

    - 3 Dark Reapers (1 exarch)

    - 1 Heavy support platform w/ crew

    - 5 dire avenger (1 exarch)

    - 9 fire dragons (1 exarch)

    - 1 Avatar

    - 1 Farseer

    - 1 Warlock

    - 5 rangers/pathfinders

    I have read the codex before hand and during the purchases and have looked at the forums and realize that this isn't the best starting list but, this is what I have. And I dont have anymore money to spend atm nor will I resell them and buy more.
    I am wondering how to field these units considering I am playing my 3 buddies. One plays as tau, one as chaos space marines, and one as tyranids. Your comments are appreciated.

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    The first few issues I see are as such: -The Dragons are going to be very hard to use without a transport. You'll have to rely on a baiting you opponent closer which won't work too well with Tau but very well with Tyranids.
    -The next thng is that your troop section is a little lacking. You should be fine with what you have. The pathfinders and 12 Guardians and platform together are about 250 points without a warlock. You'll want a warlock for sure.
    -With what you have you'll basicly only be able to make one list which is as such:

    Farseer (Doom, Fortune, Spirit Stones, RunesOWarding)

    12 Guardians (Brightlance Defenc Platform)
    -Warlock (singing spear, Conceal)

    5 Dire Avengers (Exarch, Bladestorm, Extra Shuri Cannon)

    5 Pathfinders

    3 Dark Reapers (Exarch, Tempest Launcher, CracShot)

    6 Fire Dragons (Exarch)

    Without Dark Reapers the above is 889pts. This leaves you 111pts for teh Reapers (I'm not sure of their price). If you have left-over points then spend it on Dragons. Like I said this list will struggle with armour and is not very good, but will work well in a fun-oriented environment. Next steps would be to get Serpents for Dragons and Avengers and some other anti-tank like Prisms or Flanking War walkers. If you need to buy stuff cheap try This site is awesome for trading with people. I got 3 Fire Prisms and 4 War walkers comming right now for which I traded a Warmachine army.

    Hope this helps.

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