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    1500 & 2000 Point Themed

    Hi. New to the boards, new to Tyranids and new to 40k to boot so forgive me in advance for any utter noobness...

    I'm trying to make a themed army to fit in with the reality of my abilities, i.e. I'll not give it a background with claims to greatness my playing can't live up to. So, it's as follows...

    A fraction of a splinter fleet is stranded on a desert planet with the destruction of it's Hive Ships. Victims of the ensuing planetary purges, the dwindled Tyranid forces only survive through small size, small number, and/or the ability to hide underground.

    So the ideas are no MCs that can't burrow and no Uniques.

    HQ - Tyranid Prime - 2x Boneswords, Toxin Sacs

    HQ - Tyranid Prime - Rending Claws, Deathspitter

    Elites - 3x Individual Zoanthropes

    Fast Attack - 3x Groups of 10 Gargoyles

    Troop - 2x Groups of 15 Genestealers - Toxin Sacs

    Troop - 2x Groups of 20 Termagaunts

    Troop - 2x Groups of 4 Warriors

    Total - 1500 Points

    Add 2 Trygon Primes with Adrenal Glands to bring the total to 2000 points.

    Some thoughts I have are trimming the troop numbers to put the Zoanthropes in Spores, maybe adding a Venomthrope to help them survive.

    The Termagaunts are ment to soak up hits until I can get my guys into Assault range, but I may be able to shift the numbers around to give them Devourers, maybe drop the Gargoyles entirely...

    Anywho, any advice/thoughts would be appreciated.

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    I don't know what to say about this list. I foot slog zoans across the board also and it's fine for me. I use some warriors too. The only thing with this list is everything except for the zoans will be instantly killed. I like the gargoyles but they don't have any synapse with them so they could be in trouble there. Also make two squads of 15 your giving your opponent more kill points by taking three separate squads of ten. Also they need adrenal glands and toxin sacs. Venomthropes are no good because they are just giving out another kill point. Not alll that bad just make a couple little changes and try out your list. Since everyone is still new with the codex it's going to take a while before everything that's effective is figured out so just play. That's the best way to figure out what's good and what isn't.
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