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    Tyranid "Blitzkreig" army (Adviced needed! Will +rep)

    hey guys, this is my army roster ive been working on. its proven its self agaisnt Tau, Space Wolves/Marines, IG, Chaos space marines and the Orks. im looking for opinions on this army and improvements that i can make, thanks!! =)
    ___________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________

    x2 Hive tyrants
    Hive Commander
    Twinlinked Brainleech worms
    Stranglethorn cannon

    TOTAL= 430

    ___________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________

    3 squads of 10 Genestealers
    2 broodlords*
    x3 mycetic spores=


    22 ripper swarms** (3 squads= 7,8,7)

    TOTAL= 220 pts
    ___________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________

    Fast attack
    60 gargoyles (2 squads of thirty)
    Adrenal glands (all models)

    ___________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________

    x3 Zoanthropes (seperate squads)
    x3 mycetic spores

    ___________________________________________ Grand Total= 2,002 points______________________________________
    ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________

    *= the broodlords are assigned to the broods dropping into the "hotspots" with high value targets.
    **= the ripper swarms multiple purposes, a meat "wall", a distractions and VERY deadly in close combat, your looking at possibly 110 attacks in close combat!
    ________________________________The Plan________________________________________________________________

    Heres a horrible rough sketch


    Basically 30 gargoyles attack each flank while the ripper swarms lead the assault up the middle with the hive tyrants following behind closely, shooting and destroying high value targets. the hive commander upgrades allow my drop pods to drop the 2nd turn on a roll of a 2+, by then the ground force will have almost reached the target enemy. The genestealers surround the army, tieing them up in assault. the zoanthropes drop near enemy armor and other swarms, decimating them instantly. This plan has won me 6 battles in a row and still counting. any advice is appreciated and will be +repped . some terrain/armies require small adaptions.

    Thanks for your time and advice!!

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    18 (x2)

    you need to remove the individual point costs forum rules.

    Looking over your list I see a few issues,

    #1 your sporing the genestealers they can outflank, when you spore them you leave them on the board unprotected for the turn they drop, the rules state that after the drop they cant move or assault only run or shoot. they become completely vulnerable and because people see them as a high threat to me it doesn't look like they would survive long. I would also probably put a brood lord in your third unit of ten or run two units of 15.

    #2 Replace adrenal glands with toxin sacs, toxin you wound on a 4+ and re roll failed to wound roll, much better then furious charge, and maybe break up your gargoyles into three units of 20 you have the slots available i say use them. flank with two units of twenty and deep strike the last where needed. If you choose not to split the units maybe run a spore cluster to mess with deployment

    #3 your hive tyrants seems slow, it looks like they would almost be left behind in the army as the rest of it is much faster moving, maybe try giving them wings and deep striking them instead of footing it 6" up the board every turn.

    #4 3 zoanthropes in 2000 point game doesnt seem like enough anti tank you have your tyrants too but as i said before with out the wings they are just to slow moving

    #5 You have a Ungodly amount of rippers which isn't bad but they actually dont provide a cover save to your tyrants as they are a swarm/small unit and dont cover the 50% need for monstrous creatures

    Last but not least your 2 points over the 2000, Where i play thats not permitted it would be 2000 exact or under and i may be a good idea for you to do the same, or atleast get into the habit of it.

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    50 (x1)

    Okay...a few issues. Your primary tank-busting appears to be your zoanthropes and tyrants (your stealer could knock out some tank with adrenal glands). I think, as was said before, your tyrants seem a little slow. Another thing is that you have two types of synapse: zoanthrope and tyrant. Your gargoyles are likely going to be moving faster than your tyrants, and will not be in the same place as your thropes (as they will still be in orbit), so they will likely be out of synapse range.

    My real problem with this list, aside from the fact that you are sporing in your stealers, is that you are sporing in your stealers! :-P Not only do they not need them, but they are your only meaning of capturing objectives, and you say you plan to have them locked in CC from the start. What about those pesky objectives?
    Applaud, my friend, the Comedy is finished.

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    One thing to remember is that you will need synapse to go with your gargoyles. Drop the guns from one tyrant and give it wings and talons. Ripper swarms are a waste. If your trying to field troops use termies. So drop the rippers to get at least two more zoans and a small squad of termies.
    Also hive commander is useless on both of the tyrants you only need one to have it. Also a tyrant gueard or two would be good to go with a foot slogging tyrant.
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    48 (x1)

    Quote Originally Posted by maverik2988 View Post
    Also hive commander is useless on both of the tyrants you only need one to have it.
    I think its extremely useful, there is nothing worse than coming in piecemeal, plus there are some armies out there that can adversely affect your reserves roll.

    Other than that good points have been made above
    -lack of anti tank need preferably 3 more zoans
    -Sporing in genestealers use out flank instead
    -Rippers don't provide cover and can't take objectives.
    -Wings on Tyrant for speed of movement.

    To make all of the happen however you will need to lose most of your rippers and your spores...
    as you say you've had great success so i'm not sure that you need to change anything it obviously plays well against the opponents you are up against. and rippers are very scary I agree.

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    Your concept here is a hybrid of a Wave Army && Acme Anvil's.. hrm.

    Adding guns to the Pods. They are Monsterous Creatures. They have 1 shooting attack, and have to shoot the nearest enemy, albeit BS 2 blindly. Add a direct fire? Say the TL Deathspitter?
    To be really annoying.. drop them on objectives to contest em.

    -10 each ( 20 ) of Gargoyles && Add a Pod == Poding about 16 Hormagaunts with Poison
    -4 each ( 8 ) from the Gargyoles -AG and +Poison

    Replace all Genestealers and pods with: Fun Hammer!
    make 1 unit of 15 stealers + broodlord in a Pod with TL deathspitter

    As the others here if you can spring for it ..
    Wings to your HT's.. 2 TL Brainleach Dev's.
    Fly 12", Shoot 12 @ 18".. A first turn punch in the nose

    Pod'ing Carnies with 2 TL Brainleach Dev's. Fire Hose when they arive and plus ZOMG ITS A CARNI! Walking them forward(+run) can be fun too.
    Consider this: The pods dont have to be full of stuff.. they could be just Monsterous creature roadblocks with sharp shooty bits.

    2 squads of 6 Rippers, you know, these guys can be a lot of fun tarpitting stuffs.

    As another thought also consider Poding Warriors with Lashwhips && Boneswords. I say about 6 each.
    They can assault into cover (lashwhips) and Invuln only Saves vs the Boneswords with about a 30% chance of leadership based Instant Death!

    For a Turn 1 Assault.. For anything that is 24" or LESS FROM YOU..
    Have you considered Catylist and *Onslaught* from a Trevigon on Raveners?
    6 Raveners w/ shoot added: Move 6", *RUN d6"*, Shoot 12-18", Assault 12" (with Feel No Pain!)
    It would take almost 500 points to bring out that combo *whew*

    For the rush you have to force Target Priority mistakes.
    Right now there's 2 flocks of gargoyles inbound, with 2 HT's to be picked apart
    and the rippers will maybe eventually show up.
    It is likely that your wave will collapse before the pods can show up for support.

    Last edited by echoeversky; February 11th, 2010 at 02:42.

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