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    2000 points first try at the new Codex

    Okay, before I start typing out the list, I'm going to give you a list of the models I have available:

    2 Hive Tyrants - 1 with 4x Scything Talons, 1 with 2x Scything Talons and Stranglethorn Cannon
    1 Broodlord
    3 Zoanthropes
    2 Lictors
    9 Warriors - 4x Deathspitters, the rest are melee.
    40 Hormagaunts
    40 Termagaunts
    30 Genestealers
    4 Raveners (metal)
    2 Carnifex with 2x Scything Talons, 2x Crushing Claws

    If you think there is something I really need and I should consider buying in the near future (Mawloc/Trygon/Hive Guard) feel free to let me know. As you can see these miniatures were acquired before the newest Tyranid models/codex.

    Hive Tyrant w/ Scything Talons x2, Implant Attack, Regeneration - 205 pts
    Hive Tyrant w/ Scything Talons, Stranglethorn Cannon, Implant Attack, Regeneration - 225 pts
    Zoanthrope - xx pts
    Zoanthrope - xx pts
    Zoanthrope - xx pts
    Warrior Brood: 5 Warriors w/ Scything Talons & Deathspitters - 150 pts
    Warrior Brood: 4 Warriors w/ Scything Talons & Devourers - 140 pts
    30 Hormagaunts - 180 pts
    30 Termagaunts - 150 pts
    14 Genestealers & Broodlord w/ Scything Talons - 258 pts
    Ravener Brood: 4 Raveners w/ Scything Talons x2 - 120 pts
    Carnifex w/ Scything Talons x2, Regeneration - 185 pts
    Carnifex w/ Scything Talons, Crushing Claws, Regeneration - 205 pts

    What I'm really looking for help with is all the new upgrades available. If you feel like I'm taking something that's not worth it and should be taking (other biomorphs etc) please let me know. I'm also unsure as to what psychic powers I should take for my Tyrants. What about anti-tank weaponry, do I have enough? Are there some weapon combinations I should look into adding in the future?

    A couple things I really like about this list is that I have 4 Synapse units (2 Tyrants & Warriors) as well as 5 scoring units. 4 Monstrous creatures, 16 midsized creatures, and 65 small nids (including Broodlord) seems like a very good mix of numbers and size. I didn't try and take anything elaborate like Mycetic Spores because this is my first nid army and I just wanted to take as many close combat killers as I could.

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    you have more synapse then you think, you have you zoanthropes as well.

    Your army is to slow to effectively work against anti tank, you need more speed. right now your just footing across the entire table aside from your raveners (which by the way really aren't worth taking) and your genestealers. Also, regeneration I dont think is really worth the cost essentially your paying 20-30 points for an extra wound that you might never get. To me the odds just aren't there to make the upgrade a viable choice. An idea to if you decide to actually use carnies alot is to magnetize them and all the weapon upgrades, gives you more bang for your buck and with a dremel, drill bit, glue and small magnets its a 1 hour job for both carnifexes. (iv magnetized two carnies and two tyrants so far). Maybe give your tyrants heavy venom cannons instead of stranglethorn and regen and help support your zoanthrope fire with theirs.

    Your troop selection is just make sure you outflank with the stealers, you might also consider devourers for your termigants. The tyrant has some amazing psychic powers just read them up and think about how they could be useful and take the ones that apply best to you. I might also recommend a spore for your zoanthropes maybe even your carnies because they currently have no shooting but thats entirely up to you.

    Your off to a good start just needs a little tweeking.


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    Drop a carnifex and regen on them and get a tervigon (Use your carnifex as a proxy). Drop the smaller warrior brood and regen on the tyrants. Add a couple more zoanthropes instead of just having one in a squad cause your allowing more kill points or even add one and break them into two squads of 2. Than add a Tyrant Guard to each of your hive tyrants, this will make them a lot more likely to get across the table.
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