OK due to some packing / production issues I cant get ahold of any Zoanthropes or Hiveguard. My local GW is sold out and have said I prolly wont be able to get any till after the event. So here's a list with some different Anti Tank options. Basicaly MCs and a Tyrannofex

1800 - No Elite AT

[220]Hive Tyrant - Talons, Heavy Venom Cannon, Old Adversary.


[80]Termigant x16
[80]Termigant x16
[190]Tervigon - Toxin sacs, Talons, Catalyst
[190]Tervigon - Toxin sacs, Talons, Catalyst
[110]Tyranid Warrior x3 - Deathspitter x2, Barbed Strangler

[105]Gargoyles x15 - Toxin Sacs

[240]Trygon Prime
[260]Old One Eye
[265]Tyranofex - Rupture Cannon

total - 1795

My thoughts. Deploy everything on the table. That gives the enemy alot to shoot at. Theres 6 MC's commin at them...
Tervigons Catalyst whatever is getting shot at. The gargoyles act as a mobile cover save for the MCs assaulting any troops that look like the could bog down the MC units. Gants follow suit. I know its not ideal. But needs must... thoughts?