Wrote this list the night before, deciding what to use with the models I have. Not a bad day really, ended up going 1-1-1. I consider it balanced because I got full comp scores every round, dunno if you agree but I can't complain. Feel free to give thoughts on the list, as I'll likely continue to use it.

Hive tyrant
Hive commander
Adrenal glands
Stranglethorn cannon
1 Tyrant guard
5 tyranid warriors
1 Barbed strangler
3 death spitters
1 Rending claws
10 genestealers
Scything talons
Brood lord w/ scything talons
30 hormagaunts
Toxin sacs
8 Ymargl genestealers

Heavy support
2X Carnifex brood
2XAdrenal glands
2X Carnifex brood
2Xheavy venom cannon

Total: 1842 points
8 kill points