A friend of mine is going to be running a fluffy campaign in the near future, and I have decided to play Iyanden. I need to make several lists starting with a 500 point list that must be included in each other list. The other lists include 1000 point list, 2 1850 lists (one for attacking, one for defending) and then the big 2500 list.

The problem is, I'm having trouble putting together a 500 points list that I'll be forced to drag with me through all of the games with a certain kicker clause he sent in the e-mail: "now the lists need to be built from 500 to 2500, because what you put in the 500 you have to include in your others as well, and other then your HQ, you cannot change equipment once started"

I'm in a rut here. I want to make it a fluffy list, but that clause it making it hard. normally, I would probably take a farseer, a wraithlord, and maybe some DAs and pathfinders or gaurdians on bikes

This is the best I can think of for 500 points, hoping I can add a waveserpent to the DAs at higher points.


Direavengers x10, exarch with bladestorm and twin catapults

Jetbikesx3 + Warlock w/SS and Embolden

Wraithlord with Scatterlaser and Brightlance.

Right now, that WL will be a powerhouse with T8 and 500 points. Keep everything together and the jetbikes in reserve.From here, I figure I can add the WS, and maybe add some WG to 1000 points. Then see where it goes from there.

Any tips or help would be awesome. Known enemies will be Orks, Guard, and Tau, and either 'crons or SMurfs.