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    750pt Tourny, need feedback

    I'm a new player currently playing in an escalation league at my local shop, and I'm working on my list for the 750pt phase. There's 15-20 people in the league at the moment so I am sure to see pretty much every army represented.

    This is the list I'm looking at right now, any feedback or advice would be appreciated.


    - Farseer: (83 Pts)
    Doom, Singing Spear


    - Guardians x10: (100 Pts)
    Missile Launcher

    - Dire Avengers x10: (152 Pts)
    Exarch with Bladestorm and 2x S-Catapults

    - Wave Serpent: (110 Pts)
    Shuriken Cannon, TL Shuriken Cannons


    - Fire Dragons x5: (80 Pts)

    Heavy Support:

    - Falcon: (155 Pts)
    Spirit Stones, Missile Launcher, Shuriken Cannon, Pulse Laser

    - War Walker x1: (70 Pts)
    Missile Launcher, Missile Launcher

    Total: (750 Pts)

    Things I'm not sure about:

    - Is the WW worth the 70 pts by himself? I heard they are good in low point games but also that they should be taken in multiples. Don't want my 70pts to get popped on the first turn but with scout I should be able to avoid that maybe?

    - Vehicle upgrades: Only spirit stones on the falcon, nothing has vectored engines. Are the upgrades a must have?

    Thanks for any help/advice.

    - MrJim

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    personally i'm not a huge fan of war walkers, 70 points almost gets you another guardian squad -_- but in 750pts it probably ok.

    vectored engines are a must if you want something to happen asap, eg; banshee unit getting into combat a turn earlier because of the extra turn's worth of movement, seeing as your using a falcon holofields are somewhat useful (not worth it in your case though) but vectored enginers are counter intuitive because i'd assume you will be shooting with those guns!

    hope i've helped a little but my main battles are at 1000pts and with a different style of eldar.

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