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    1849 list,,, i need help

    hello, first list with new nids

    tyrant: regeneration, armored shell, venom cannon, hive commander 280

    Tervigon : sything talons, catlyst, regeneration 205

    5 warriors 4 deathspitters, 1 venomcannon 185
    20 hormaguants toxic sacks 160
    20 hormaguants toxic sacks 160
    15 termigants 75
    Tervigon , catlyist, and ( crab claws..err, um) 200

    3 hive guard 150
    ymgarl stealers 8 184


    trygon prime + toxic sacks 250


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    not a bad start here are a few suggestions based of my experience.

    1. Take regen off of all your big guys... opponents will foccus fire at one at a time until they are dead, this means your regen can't keep up. Regen is best used when you have a single high target priority model (for example if your list only had one tervigon) I would drop armoured shell and regen from the Tyrant and give him a guard, 2 extra wounds will always serve you better unless he is winged.

    2. Never take a tervigon as an HQ if you can help it. they are one of the best units at our disposal for holding objectives. In order to make him a troops choice i would swap one unit or hormagaunts for termigaunts. A unit of hormagaunts should never be left running accross the board with out a very fast army to keep up with them (one unit utilizing the tyrants ability to allow them to outflank is always a solid choice however)

    3. Be VERY careful with the Ymgarl stealers, if your opponent is smart he will deploy spread across any useful terain and you can lose the whole unit automatically. There are much better elites choices.

    4. One main issue you will have is against high armour tanks. One venom cannon is no where near enough to deal with them. I would drop the above mentioned stealers and take a unit of Zoanthropes , you can pod them or keep them close to one of the tervigons and use catalyst to keep them alive longer. Also give your Trygon adrenal Glands st 7 2d6 armour pen attacks are a great ast ditch effort to bust any armour that gets through.

    These changes i have mentioned should give you a decent little amount of points left over....... feel free and splurge towards something else...
    I would just like to say lastly that if you want anything i suggested you not have...take it anyways.... these suggestions are only my humble opinion based on a fair amount of experience.

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