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    1500 'Nids - Balanced Stuff

    I'm just getting back into Tyranids, which menas I just got the new codex. Looking at it, tyranids changed a lot, like they're a new army or something. I wanted to make a list that's balanced and takes advantage of the new fun stuff from the new codex. I just looked at the codex and thew this list together, please help, constructive criticism very much welcome.


    ~Tyranid Prime w/ Pair of Boneswords, Deathspitter, Adrenal Glands - 105
    Everything else seemed very expensive for a HQ slot, and the deathspitter seemed like the most reasonable second weapon.
    ~Tervigon - 160
    Spawns Termagants for cheapish, and is fun to sue? Seems like fun

    ~2 Zoanthropes w/ Mycetic Spore Equipped with Cluster Spines - 170
    Zoanthropes have always seemed reliable in the past, and they didn't change much with the new codex. The spore and cluster spines is awesome. Couldn't pass it up.
    ~Doom of Malantai w/ Mycetic Spore Equipped with Cluster Spines - 130
    This DoM guy seemed like lots of lulz to use. The one game I used him he took out around 10 marines, including a daemon prince with just his 6" thing. He also seemed really cheap for his model and amount of wounds. Spore reasoning like the same from before.

    ~15 Termagants - 75
    ~15 Termagants - 75
    I've always loved these guys, and they got cheaper with the new codex! Of course they are going in.
    ~4 Genestealers w/ Broodlord, Upgraded with Scything Talons - 126
    Genestealers have always been awesome against MEQs, and outflanking these guys seems awesome. Broodlord got the shaft, but he still seems like a cool dude to have. Scything talons reroll misses, fun to have for little points, and more chances to get rending.
    ~15 Hormagaunts w/ Toxin Sacks - 120
    Never really tried these guys before, But they are cheaper now, even though they don't have leaping.

    Heavy Support
    ~Trygon Prime w/ Regeneration - 265
    ~Trygon Prime w/ Regeneration - 265
    Trygons just make me laugh when I see them. I didn't think there would be models bigger than the carnifex, but I guess I was wrong. This guy just seems awesome when he deep strikes and shoots lots, then is a bullet magnet the next turn taking fire away from the rest of my army. Regeneration just for the lulls, last game I played he got my trygon down to one wound, and I rolled 4 sixes our of five. Was great.

    Total: 1491 Points

    Don't know what to do with the last 9 points, but it seems like a fun list to use. I just made this to battle anyone, not against anything. Please help make this list better, I'd really appreciate it.

    ALSO: How do I get model for a Tervigon? And what's appearance difference between a Tyranid Warrior and a Tyranid Warrior Prime? How should I go about making a Mycetic Spore? Does the DoM Guy look like a Zoanthrope? Or are all of these to be done being creative converting stuff?

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    "How ironic it is that as fast as we spread progress and hope throughout the galaxy, the Tyranids spread death and despair."
    - Aun'shi of the Tau

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