Hi all,

I already posted this in the orks forum and only noticed now that i should have done it here. Sorry about that.

Im new to the forum and new to the orks. I've been painting some orks for a while now but havent played with em yet so I would like any advice you can give as to how to use this army list or what i should change. Also i would like to know what i need to add for a 2000pts army. The new Deff Dread is awesome but i read everywhere that it sucks ... does the same go for the new Mega Dread from Forgeworld or would that be a better choice (the experimental rules are on the forgeworld site).

------------------------------------- HQ: ------------------------------------
Warboss on Bike +PK +Cybork Body +Attack Squig +Bosspole 155

Big Mek with shock attack gun +bosspole (to lead lootas) 100

------------------------------------ Elites: -----------------------------------
8 Lootas (with the big mek) 120

--------------------------------- Fast Attack: -------------------------------
2 Deffkoptas with twin linked rokkits 90

2 Warbuggies with Twin linked rokkits 70

------------------------------------ Troops: ----------------------------------
4Nobz on Bikes +PK +1 painboy+ grot +cybork bodies +Waaagh banner 315 (with the warboss)

27 Ork Boyz +Nob +PK +pole +3 big shootas 217

20 Boyz in Battlewagon +Nob +PK +pole +deff rolla +wrecking ball +grabbing klaw 285

12 Ork Boyz in Trukk +Nob +PK +pole 147

------------------- TOTAL: 1499 -------------------------------

I've already painted a trukk, a battlewagon, a deffkopta, a buggie, 2 nob bikers, and some boyz and nobz

Any advice is welcome