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Thread: Nids 1650

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    Nids 1650

    1 Hive Tyrant (HQ) @ 285 Pts
    Leech Essence; Paroxysm; Adrenal Glands; Regeneration; Wings; Scything Talons (x2);

    1 Tervigon (HQ) @ 230 Pts
    Catalyst; Adrenal Glands; Regeneration; Toxin Sacs; Scything Talons

    2 Zoanthrope Brood (Elites) @ 160 Pts
    1 Mycetic Spore @ [40] Pts

    1 The Doom of Malan'tai (Elites) @ 130 Pts
    1 Mycetic Spore @ [40] Pts

    1 Venomthrope (Elites) @ 55 Pts

    10 Genestealer Brood (Troops) @ 286 Pts
    Adrenal Glands; Toxin Sacs; Scything Talons
    1 Broodlord @ [66] Pts
    Adrenal Glands; Toxin Sacs; Rending Claws

    19 Hormagaunt Brood (Troops) @ 114 Pts
    19 Termagant Brood (Troops) @ 95 Pts
    19 Termagant Brood (Troops) @ 95 Pts

    4 Tyranid Warrior Brood (Troops) @ 200 Pts
    Toxin Sacs; Lash Whip & Bonesword; Devourer

    Wondering about this list. The Doom in a spore is the way to go. I've played it like this twice now and it ends up being a complete pain in the arse for the opposing player, specially if he's bunched troops up together in cover. I've also noticed that the Thropes tend to suffer from a first round fire bombardment, they're usually out of range on the first round, so I've decided to put them in a spore and deep strike them to get closer to heavy targets.

    I had tried out a Prime with 5 warriors, all bone swords and lash whips, but on foot they don't do too much damage, so I've decided to drop the prime and just have 4 warriors to sit on objectives.

    I've had some success with the winged tyrant before, so I've put him back in the list. I'm toying with the idea of dropping a set of talons and giving lashwhip + bonesword, so that I can drop everyone to I1, so I don't have to worry too much about assaulting into cover. 2x talons is nice though, re-rolling all misses. Plan on throwing the feel no pain power on him to help him survive a little longer from the Tervigon.

    The venom thrope will just run behind all the littles giving them a nice 5+ cover save. The Tervigon will run behind the littles and gain a 4+ cover save from the cannon fodder in front of him (and a 5+ if something shoots from an angle where I don't get it, which will come from the Venom Thrope). The stealers will either outflank or infiltrate, depending on the objectives layout. I'd also like to try get the broodlord near to the Doom, so his -1 Ld power will help with the Doom's Spirit Leach.

    I had tried out a mawloc and while he was irritating for the opponent, he failed to really make much of an impact on the game. If he misses with his deep strike plate, he ends up standing around for a turn doing nothing, since he has 0 shooting or phsycic abilities and he can't assault after deep strike.

    I'll see how this list plays out. If the tyrant doesn't do well, I may go back to the prime + warriors, but put them all in a spore too. My list before was 1x Prime + 5 warriors, bone swords + whips. Tervigon, 2x 20x Horms. 1x 20x Gaunts, 10x Stealers + 1 lord. Doom + spore, mawloc and 1x 2x Thropes. It didn't hold up vs demons and a chaos army (mark of nurgle IIRC, +1 toughness). So we'll see how this does.


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