280 Swarmlord
180 3x Tyrant guard
255 Hive Tyrant - wings, hive commander, Bonesword and lash whip, scything talons, leech essence, paroxysm
220 3x Zoanthrope - Mycetic spore
240 5x Tyranid warriors - boneswords, devourers - Mycetic spore
220 20x Termingaunts - devourers, toxin sacs - Mycetic spore
170 10x Genestealers - toxin sacs
170 10x Genestealers - toxin sacs
265 Tyrannofex - rupture cannon, stinger salvo

The strategy with this list is to use the swarmlord and the hive tyrant to allow everything to show up on turn two.

The Termigaunts with devourers will be dropped next to infantry units that are difficult to kill (i.e. Terminators, bikers, etc) with their 60 devourer shots. If my opponent does tries to engage them in close combat, the toxin sacs will help them out.

The Warriors will also be dropped near the Termigaunts to maintain synapse. They will also be used to take out tough infantry targets like Terminators.

The Tyrannofex and the Zoanthrope will hunt down tanks.