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    1750 Tournament List

    280 Swarmlord
    90 Tyranid Prime - Boneswords, Devourer
    180 3x Tyrant Guard
    220 3x Zoanthrope in Mycetic Spore
    410 9x Tyranid Warriors - Boneswords, Devourers in Mycetic Spore with Twin linked Deathspitter
    270 20x Termagaunts - Devourers, Toxin sacs in Mycetic Spore with Twin linked Deathspitter
    295 Tyrannofex - Rupture Cannon, Stinger Salvo, Regeneration

    The strategy with this list is to use the Tyrannofex and Zoanthrope to take out tanks. The Swarmlord is used as a hammer to wipe out tough units. The Termagaunts will land near infantry units and blow them away with their 60 Devourer shots. The Tyranid Prime will be dropped with the Tyranid Warriors to support the Termagaunts and provide synapse for them.

    With the three tyrant guard and the six wounds on the Tyrannofex, you should be able to handle a turn of shooting. On turn two, hopefully all of your units will drop.

    Note: To make the list more flexible, you can drop the Deathspitters on the spores and regeneration on the Tyrannofex to buy another Mycetic Spore and split up the Termagaunt unit. The extra 10 points can buy toxin sacs for the Tyranid Prime.

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    Not feeling enough troops in this one. Perhaps another unit of warriors, or termagaunts at the very least. Consider splitting to two units of zoanthropes each with a spore, you can only kill two vehicles a turn, which isn't going to be enough against the vehicle/ mech lists which are so popular among the prey races.

    Three tyrant guard seems excessive to me as well, I would say two for 1750 myself.

    9 warriors seems overboard, I'd look at 5-6 if there's a prime with them.

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    Too much potatoes and not enough meat. You need more troops and have some excessive units. Reduce Tyrant Guards to 2, zoans to 2, break up the warriors into 2 squads and get rid of the excess upgrades on the tyrannofexes. I'd also dump the Prime but that's just my personal preference. With those points get a tervigon and some more troops. Also, your 20x devgaunts are way too many points.
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