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    500pnt Combat Patrol with Restrictions. ~ Need input

    Well Ladies and Gents here is the scenario Im facing:

    Combat patrol rules:
    Points Limit: 500
    At least one Troop
    May include one HQ, but no more then one.
    No models with more then two wounds
    No special or Unique characters/unit
    No models can have a save better then 3+ or a 4+ invulnerable save
    Vehicles cannot have a total Armour Value greater then 33. Calculate this by adding the Front, Side, and rear armour values (only count the Side once).
    No Ordnance weapons
    No Heavy Support

    I am thinking of a few options:
    A- Beefy Nob Bikers mob
    B- Large footslogge led by a Weirdboy + Lootas
    C- 2 x Slugga boy Trukks + Lootas
    D- Footsloggers + Kommandos
    E- 2 x Slugga boy + Rokkit Buggies

    I know those arent any specifics.... but Im very much in the initial stages of deciding a 'type' or list at this point.

    Any one have any success / luck with similar lists or rules /restrictions?

    Many thanks,


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