~~ 2500pmt Friendly Tourney - Could use some critique - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    ~~ 2500pmt Friendly Tourney - Could use some critique

    Hello All!

    Im hoping to get some constructive criticism here for my list.

    A few Considerations:
    - The tourney will have a very broad mix of players and armies so some diversity is what I am seeking, along with having a fun list to play!

    - I am considering using a SAG for the first time instead of a Warboss. He would go with my grots on a home obj.

    - It will probably be either a Boomgun OR KillKans in the HS choice, not both.

    - I do have more shoota boyz, boomguns, Deffdread, 3x Zzap cannons, Grots, Trucks, nobs

    - I do NOT have more Battlewagons or lots of slugga boyz



    Warboss PK Cybork K Skorcha Atk Squig 115
    Wazzdakka 180


    Shoota Boyz in BW1, 20 Nob PK BP 2 x BS 170
    Nobz 1, 8 Painboy 3x PK BP Waaaaugh Banner Cybork Bodies 2x Kombi Skorcha Trukk RR RPJ 410
    War Bikers 1, 9 Nob PK BP 265
    War Bikers 2, 10 Nob PK BP 290
    Sluggas Boyz, 12 Nob PK BP Trukk RR RPJ Boarding Plank 162
    Grots, 10 Runtherder 40


    Lootas, 11 165
    Kommandos , 14 Snikrot 2 x Burnas 255

    Fast Attack

    Rokkit Buggies, 3 3 x TL Rokkits 105
    Rokkit Buggies, 3 3 x TL Rokkits 105

    Heavy Support

    Battle Wagon 1, 1 Deff Rolla RPJ Grot Riggers 2 x BS 130
    Killa Kan Mob, 3 3 x Grotzooka 135
    Boomgun, 1 105

    Points Summary:

    HQ: 295
    Troops: 1337
    Elites: 420
    Fast Attack: 210
    Heavy Support: 370
    Total: 2632

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    I would stick with the warboss to make the nobz scoring units, nobz with mega armor or on bikes are better IMO. I don't run normal bikers but i have heard they are not the best but in 2 large units they might work. But compared to some ork lists you have few boys in the troop area. You have 71 troops but most of your points are in 3 units and nobs on foot with a 6 save and FNP aren't going to survive if their trukk gets shot out (which it probably will)

    Trukks should have armored plates and reinforced rams, drop the plank because if a ork trukk gets that close to an enemy vehicle and they are intact your opponent should let you win.
    I think you have too many kommandos. They really kill off one unit maybe 2 and then they are killed in return. there save and low I doesn't help. lootas seem pretty big maybe drop to 9 and if you want add more they are worth it. Also the boomwagon should have more stuff on it. I go with ard case, big shoota, and if you have points grot riggers. ard case to protect it more and big shoota because if you get arnament destroyed the shoota goes first and you don't die.

    Looks good otherwise.
    Repainting Orks not sure how many points yet
    Warriors of Chaos shelved until further notice

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