235 Hive Tyrant - Heavy venom cannon, twin-linked devourer, old adversary, Leech Essence, Paroxysm
180 3x Tyrant Guard
180 3x Zoanthrope
150 15x Termagaunts - Devourers
150 15x Termagaunts - Devourers
225 5x Tyranid Warriors - Devourers, bone swords, toxin sacs
200 5x Raveners - Rending claws, devourers
265 Tyrannofex - Rupture cannon, cluster spines, desiccator larvae
265 Tyrannofex - Rupture cannon, cluster spines, desiccator larvae

The strategy with this list is to eliminate my opponent primarily with shooting. I have four units that can take down armor. The rest of my units contribute to the fight with devourer shots.

Each unit of Termagaunts will be able to generate 45 shots a turn. They will be used to cut down difficult to kill infantry like Terminators with volume of shots.

The Raveners and Tyranid Warriors will double as both shooting units and counter charge units. I plan to keep the Warriors and the Raveners near the rear of the army and use them to deal with incoming assault troops. The Warriors can also be used to sit on objectives. Between the 20 rending attacks from the Raveners and the 15 poisoned power weapon attacks from the Warriors, they should be able to deal with just about anything that makes it to the front line.

The Hive Tyrant, Tyrant Guard, and Zoanthrope will act as screens for the Termagaunts. The Hive Tyrant will be my anchor. The Tyrant Guard allow him to absorb six extra wounds and he can bolster the army in assault with old adversary.