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    2000, need some feedback

    My friends and I want to play a 2000 point game, and I agreed to it even with the model count that I have. I would buy more of the models I really need, but I'm kind of broke and necrons are expensive as hell. Here is my total model count.

    necron lord
    40 warriors
    10 scarab swarms
    3 destroyers

    For a 2k point list, my opponent will be space marines, and two of my friends spent a while working on it to make it a really competetive list, I have no idea what's in it though except his model count for his list is 53. Given my lack of models I'm allowed to proxy some out as different units. So here's what I have in mind.

    Necron Lord w/ res orb and veil of darkness
    10 warriors
    10 warriors
    10 warriors (OR 10 flayed ones proxied)
    10 immortals (last 10 warrior models proxied)
    3 destroyers
    7 scarab swarms w/ disruption fields
    3 wraiths (last 3 scarab swarm bases proxied)

    That utilizes every single model I have and comes to exactly 2000 points. Against a competetive list I don't know how good mine is going to be, but this is the best I could come up with given what I have.


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    To be honest I wouldn't stretch for 2k points with what you currently have. Also you aren't really focusing your forces the way you should be with Necrons. In friendly play, you might be able to make it, but in competitive you'd get torn apart.

    An important step would be to get more immortals/destroyers. At 2k I advise using at least 4 man squads of destroyers. Immortals should be used in 8-10 man squads. Also when using Necrons, Destroyers especially, do your best to have multiple squads, so if one drops, there is another around to grant WBB.

    Use four squads of warriors. If you get an objective game you're going to need plenty of bodies.

    Also use a full 10-man squad of scarabs if you can help it. D-fields will help you take down vehicles.

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