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    1400 Points List

    This Army list is intended to be for 1400 Points, not 2000.

    So, we're playing a campaign at my school, coming to the final battle, and the Necrons get a points boost. I've come up with a lot of Necron tactics and lists in the past, but never played a competitive game; so I feel that breaking away from Tau and making an impression is a good way to set me up. The interesting thing is that there are 3 Necron Players with 1400 Points, and 6 Tau or Marine Players with 600 Points each; as a result of this we are allowed to mix and match, and due to my restricted model selection, this may prove necessary to fitting in a Nightbringer or Monolith on one of my ally's lists. Anyway, here's the list:

    HQ - Necron Lord - 100pts
    - Destroyer Body
    - Warscythe
    - Chronometron
    - Gaze of Flame
    - Phase Shifter
    Total - 195 Points

    The thinking behind this (the first of two HQs) is that he'll be attached to a large number of Scarabs (to soak up wounds), where he can be safely turbo-boosted into the enemy lines, and then branch away from the Scarabs, into hand to hand combat, where he can proceed to destroy a unit a turn through use of Chronometron and Gaze of Flame, almost ALWAYS resulting in a successful Sweeping Advance.

    - Necron Lord - 100pts
    - Resurrection Orb
    - Veil of Darkness

    This guy is attached to a squad of Immortals (unfortunately I am restricted to 5), where he can teleport them around the board and wreak havoc amongst enemy units, should prove valuable for weakening them whilst my Destroyer Lord gets in nice and close.

    HQ Total - 395pts

    Elites - Immortals (x5) - 140pts
    Elites Total - 140pts

    Troops - Necron Warriors (3x10) - 540pts
    Troops Total - 540pts

    Fast Attack - Destroyers (x3) - 150pts
    Fast Attack Total - 150pts

    This adds up to 1225 Points, which leaves me 175 to spare, I have 2 real possibilities here, and the latter is looking the more likely of the two:

    Fast Attack - Destroyers (x3) - 150pts


    Fast Attack - Scarabs (x9) - 108pts
    Heavy Support - Heavy Destroyer - 65pts
    Total - 173 Points

    Alternatively, I could use 5 warriors as proxies and make a squad of ten immortals, giving me 35 points, enough for 3 Scarabs, which could just turbo boost around the map to annoy the opponent, and then just contesting objectives or tying up strong individuals in combat.

    This is my first post, so comments are much appreciated, any suggestions to the core army or possibilities for the 175 remaining points would be really helpful, thanks for taking the time to read my rather long and drawn-out post.
    The fight's on Tuesday, so replies by Monday would be really helpful.

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