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    1850: First Tyranid list, be as hateful as possible.

    Ok everyone, my girlfriend wants to play Tyranids, and shes in love with the way Venomthropes and Warriors look. Naturally, I tried to build her a list that had a decent bit of each. I don't know of it's any good, but please flame it as much as nessecary. Also, any good tactical advice you can think of. So here goes:

    Hive Tyrant-250
    Lash Whip + Bonesword
    Heavy Venom Cannon
    Indescribable Horror
    Hive Commander
    Leech Essence

    Tyranid Prime-110
    Pair of Boneswords
    Scything Talons
    Adrenal Glands

    3 Venomthropes- 165

    3 Zoanthropes- 180

    3 Zoanthropes- 180

    9 Tyranid Warriors- 360
    Toxin Sacs (9)
    Death Spitters (9)

    20 Termagaunts-100

    20 Termagaunts-100

    20 Termagaunts-100

    Tyrannofex- 295
    Dessicator Larvae
    Rupture Cannon

    The only thing I've gotten down is to outflank the Warriors with the Prime and scaring everything into a cluster so that the Zoanthropes can blow stuff up.

    Any other thoughts or criticism?

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    My initial thoughts are that this looks good, decent anti tank setup, good numbers , it all looks good. With a bit of tweaking id say this is good to go.

    Ill start at the top then.

    Tyrant Hive tyrants are best used specialised, either make it shooty, or choppy. Shooty your looking at 2 TL devourers, choppy its either 2 talllons (my personal choice) or tallons and bonesword. If youve got a bit of both, you end up either not running so you can shoot, so assault takes longer and you then lose shooting potential, if you do run thats a waste of a gun. You also want wings on him, swap them for regeneration, you wont get enough use on a tyrant.

    Prime - get regeneration off him, you wont get enough use from it.

    Elites section Looking great, good amount of anti tank in the zoanthropes and if you want venoms then thats looking good. If you want to try and mix things up, take 3 hive guard instead, theyd do a lot of damage to transports. Whatever you do, the zoanthropes need spore pods.

    Warriors this is not a good way to run those, if your trying to outflank them theres a very nasty chance theyll come in the wrong way, or deployment means theres nothing worth assaulting. Id drop them to 5 or 6, put them into a spore and get boneswords on them. Provided you can get other units in there at the same time, they can sping out and cause carnage.

    Termaguants Id swap these for hormaguants with toxin sacs. You could get near enough 40 with toxin sacs, which will do a lot better than 60 fleshboarer guants would normally.

    Tyrannofex I really dont like this at all. For what it does its not worth 300 points. For that kind of points, you could get so many better things for an anti tank position. Admitedly i dont like those at the best of times, but this reallly dosnt look good. As something to consider, what about dropping the Prime too and then taking 2 trygons instead. This would do a massive amount of damage and your opponent is really going to struggle to get rid of both of them.

    Hope some of that helped you.
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