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    Report - 1500 anti MEQ/armor vs Tyranids

    Well at our last game night I brought an anti-armor/meq list and ended up playing the one Tyranid player.
    So here's the list and following is the suprising report.

    1503pts (note, this was not a tournament)

    Farseer - Spear, Doom, Fortune, RoWitnessing
    Banshees x8
    Wave Serpent: Shuriken Cannon, TL Shurken Cannons, Spirit Stones, Star Engines

    Dire Avengers x5
    Wave Serpent: TL Bright Lances, Spirit Stones, Star Engines

    Dire Avengers x5
    Wave Serpent: TL Bright Lances, Spirit Stones, Star Engines

    Dire Avengers x5
    Wave Serpent: TL Bright Lances, Spirit Stones, Star Engines

    Fire Prism

    Fire Prism

    Dark Reapers x4
    Exarch - Tempest Launcher, Fast Shot

    So, the original idea was to punch the many Land Raiders and IG armor that I'm used to seeing, and run the Banshees up to clean up any termies and such.
    So to my surprise a new Tyranid player showed up and I played him.

    This was my first game against the new 'nid codex.
    Annihilation/Dawn of War - Tyranid 1st turn.
    Great, he spread out his forces, and on my turn I brought all of my army on the Left side.

    TL bright lances and Fire Prisms brought instant death to the Tyranid warriors, and the Reapers killed his Zoanthrope.
    And there went all of his synapse creatures on that whole flank!
    I lost one Fire Prism cannon to a venom cannon (no big deal though, and I used that Fire Prism to block LoS to my other one).

    My vehicles pretty much stayed put and waited for the Trygon to appear-which it did turn 3 right in the middle of my forces. It fired everything at my Dark Reapers, only killing 1!
    I then did the unthinkable, I charged my banshees into the Trygon! But first I unloaded all of the Dire Avengers to shoot up the now 'Doomed' Trygon. It went down fast.

    So I only lost 1 Dark Reaper and a weapon from my Fire Prism! It is worth noting that my DR Exarch's tempest did scatter onto and wipe out a Dire Avenger squad. oops!

    All in all a fun game. Knowing I would fight Tyranids, I would replace the Bright Lances with Missile Launchers. I was afraid to use banshees against 'nids, but I think they are viable now. Being able to instant death synapse creatures now is HUGE!
    He only had a few armor punching weapons and no Carnifex, so that certainly helped me a lot.

    I basically had my entire army only facing half of his at a time. That, of course make a big difference and is my general mech Eldar tactic.


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    banshees are meat blenders of pretty much everything! my only interest is how useful star engines would be for a dire avenger unit with a transport that has twin linked bright lances? because if you are firing the bright lances you are not using the star engines and those points could really beef out the banshee unit.

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