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    Hive fleet kazzerus

    Tyranid prime- talons, rending claws, regeneration
    Tyranid prime- talons, rending claws, regeneration

    2 lictors

    5 warriors- 2 sets of talons
    5 warriors- 2 sets of talons
    30 termagaunts
    30 hormagaunts
    16 Genestealers
    26 hormagaunts

    Trygon prime
    Trygon prime

    That comes to exactly 2000pts so what do you think it would be playing tau and space marines maainly

    i am meant to put soething clever and cool in this box, But do you know what i really cant think of anything at all. LOL <-----sums me up very well

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    One thing jumps out at me here, there is no where near enough anti-tank in the list. If you come across mech, your pretty dead.

    First of all, get those rending claws off the Primes, replace them with boneswords. Giveing them rending is far less useful than power weapons. They also wont get enough use out of regeneration so drop that.

    Lictors do not suit this list at all, drop them right out, or if you want a lictor, use deathleaper.

    The warriors need spore pods, and its a waste of putting them Primes with them (which i assume your doing) if you dont have a gun. Devourers would do, but if youve got some points get deathspitters. Id also prefer boneswords on them instead of a set of tallons.

    16 genestealers in one squad? Far too many. If you want that many, use 2 squads of 8. Id prefer 8-10 with a broodlord.

    Put some toxin sacs on the hormaguants and drop the 2 squads to 20 each.

    The termaguants i dont feel will perform that well on their own. Now with a toxin sac tervigon nearby, that could be very nasty. If your not hung up on tervigons however, then give the guants devourers, and drop the numbers down to 15-20

    The trygons are good, but consider a mawloc instead of the base trygon, his tallent could provide a useful twist to the force. Id like to see adrenal glands on the Primes, just to be able to outspeed MEQs and go parralel with captains or chapter masters.

    So the main issue of anti tank. Marines and tau both have a good arsenal of vehicles available, so 3 hive guard and 3 podding zoans should help immensly. If you an work the points for those in, id say your list is away.
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