ok so new to 'nids. Looking to build an army that will take advantage of the smaller 4x5 tables we play on at the club. Swarm style. So without further addo....... a 1500 point list

Parasite of Mortex
3 Hive gaurd
2 Zoanthrope's
1 Doom of Mal'anti
3 Tyranid Warriors lashwhip+bonesword, 2 deathspitter, 1 barbed strangler
20 Termagants
1 Tervigon catalyst
9 Genestealers Broodlord
30 Gargoyles adrenal glands, toxic sacs
3 Biovores

I would like to give the Doom a Myetic spore but I might have to drop a biovore for that sporemines floating around a smaller board would be hilarious.