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    1500 Ulthwe Mech List

    Hello! I'm quite new to these forums and still a beginner in terms of matches played with Eldars (4 matches played, 1-1-2) so I need some advices on the list I'm using.


    Eldrad Ulthran

    Avatar of Khaine


    12 Defender Guardians w/ Scatter Laser Platform
    Warlock w/ Embolden

    10 Dire Avengers
    Exarch w/ Bladestorm and 2 Avenger Catapults
    Wave Serpent w/ TL SC as Transport


    6 Fire Dragons
    Exarch w/ Firepike and Tank Hunters

    Fast Attack:

    Vyper w/ Shuriken Cannon and upgraded Shuriken Cannon

    Vyper w/ Shuriken Cannon and upgraded Shuriken Cannon

    Heavy Support:

    Fire Prism (no upgrades)

    Falcon w/ Bright Lance (Fire Dragons inside)

    Wraithlord w/ Bright Lance

    Total point cost: 1421

    What I'm looking to do with this list is to take out the enemy before he gets to me, but I also want my Avatar to have a slight chance of getting into melee, or take out a few tanks with his melta ability. I'm using this list in a small tournament, and most of the games so far have been Capture and Control. I mostly use the Fireprism to take out fairly large groups of enemies with it's Large Blast shot, but sometimes I use the Blast Str 9 to hit a vehicle. The Wraithlord is used to open tanks with the Bright Lance, but in case someone gets too close to him, he has the two Flamers to use against them, and then most likely charge the enemy, as T8 is really hard to hurt. The vypers being quite fast in movement strike from the sides and try to hit vehicles and units while staying out of charge or melta range if possible. Guardians I'm sticking to defending the objective while the Wave Serpent with the DAs inside it try to take the other objective(s).

    I'm aiming for a casual gameplay, while trying to maintain a shot at winning. Having a tie or losing is only fun for so long.

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