Prime, Leaper, Carnifex

90 - Warrior Prime - Pair of Boneswords

100 - Hive Guard x2
110 - Venomthrope x2
140 - Deathleaper

360 - Warrior x8 - Lash Whip & Boneswords, Devourers
135 - Warrior x3 - Venom Cannon, Others with Devs
112 - Genestealer x8
105 - Termagaunt x21
195 - Tervigon - Sacs, Glands, Onslaught

Fast Attack
108 - Gargoyle x18

H. Support
265 - Tyrannofex- Rupture Cannon, S. Salvo, E. Grubs
190 - Carnifex - 2x TL Dev with BLWorms
90 - Biovore x2

I made this list with an eldar opponent in mind. I elected not to bring Zoanthropes due to Runes of Warding my eldar opponents tend to have. I plan on bringing up the rear with tyrannofex busting tanks and the biovores shooting the troops that spill out (or just troops in general). Squad of 3 warriors is there for additional synapse. The Termagaunts / Tervigon / GSs / Warriors / Carnis / HG coming up the middle getting a 5+ cover save from the venomthropes (only one model has to be within 6" of the VT so I should be able to make it work), and the deathleaper being a dropping beacon for the gargoyles. The venomthropes cloud also makes assaulting troops take a difficult terrain test, and if they're within 12" of the DL, they use one less dice. DL also there to combat eldar psykers, hopefully reducing farseer's/eldrad's leadership by 1 - 3. Lash whips for making enemy initiative 1 in close combat. I like 8 genestealers as it keeps the troop small enough to get cover from terrain while still being formidable in combat.

As I said, the list was made with an eldar opponent in mind but I think it should be good to go against a variety of armies. Includes CC, tank busting, objective harrasment, anti psyker, shooty components, and long rage capabilities. Any comments welcome.