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    2000pts Orks (Waaagh!!! Imbad)


    Imbad Skullburna

    Warboss- Mega Armour, Bosspole and Cybork Body.


    Big Mek- Shock Attack Gun, Bosspole.


    Fixit's Lootas

    10 Lootas-.


    Imbads Ladz

    4 Meganobz- Two shoota-rokkit launchas.
    Battlewagon- 2 Big shootas, Deffrolla, Red paint job and Armour plates.

    Gorbag's Ladz

    11 Choppa Boyz- Sluggas and Choppas
    Nob- Bosspole and Powerklaw.
    Trukk- Reinforced Ram, Red paint job.

    Rakkit's Ladz

    11 Choppa Boyz- Sluggas and Choppas
    Nob- Bosspole and Powerklaw.
    Trukk-. Reinforced Ram and Red paint job.

    Krusha's Ladz

    19 Ard Boyz- Sluggas, Choppas and 'Eavy armour.
    Nob- Bosspole and Powerklaw.

    Da Dakka Dred

    Deff Dred- 2 Big Shootas and Armour plate.

    Fast Attack

    Da Fly Boyz

    5 Deffkoptas- Rokkit launchas.

    Heavy Support

    Imbad's Wagon

    Battlewagon- 3 Big Shootas, Deffrolla, Red paint job and Armour plates.

    Da Blasta Kanz

    3 Killa Kanz- Kustom Mega Blastas.

    Da Choppa Dred

    Deff Dred- Two extra dreadnought close combat weapons and Armour plates.

    This army is in my opinion quite fun. Though Imbad is the boss, the real power behind the throne is the crazy Big Mek Fixit who provides Imbad with all the trukks, wagons, koptas, kanz and dreads he needs for his Waaagh!!!! in return for all the scrap he can get his grubby little mits on. Imbad is quite happy the let Fixit hang back with his boyz whilst he gets up close and personal to administer some stomping.
    The plan is simple. Let the Big Mek and the Lootas shoot anything that moves. The warboss, meganobz, 'Ard boyz and slugga boyz advance in their vehicles to lock units in combat, whilst the deff dreds and killa kans arrive to deliver the killing blow where needed.
    The deffkoptas will hunt vehicles with their rokkit launchas, moving around flanks to get the side and possibly rear armour.


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    Basically life sucks, there is only war and you're probably gonna get eaten by Tyranids, have fun.


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    Warboss Alf Cossack's Avatar
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    I like it. The theme is great and you should have fun.

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    SAG could use an ammo runt. I'd also stick him in a unit of Grots or ideally Big Gunz. If he's with the Lootas, he runs the risk of killing them with misfires, and, more importantly, they all have to fire at the same target. The variable S AP2 pie plate and the D3 shot autocannons have very different preferred targets.

    Kombi-skorchas > kombi-rokkits any time.

    Battlewagons don't need so much stuff. Armor plates are ok, but stunning doesn't come up very often (1/6 regardless of glance/pen), 1" isn't usually worth 5 points, and the points add up. The 40 points you spent nets you that Grot mob.

    Meganobs < normal Nobs. No invul hurts in a big way, making them scared of pretty much any dedicated HtH unit. Lack of bosspole is huge in such a small unit.

    Trukk mobs aren't going to do all that much, I'd go for another wagon or more Lootas.

    Dreads are meh, Kanz are far superior (not a huge fan of KMBs, too pricey and cover is too prevalent). More guns, better BS, still good in HtH. Choppy Dreads are too slow to keep up with the wagons.

    'Ard Boyz are pricey, 76 points could be a big deal elsewhere.

    Split the koptaz, 3 units of 2 with 1 klaw per group works nicely. You can cover more board, hit up to 3 targets as opposed to 1, and klaws make the deadly alpha strike possible. I prefer buggies for the cheap cost, but it's your call.

    It certainly does look like a fun casual army, but it's not very solid from a competitive stance. Lots of points locked up into poor unit choices and unnecessary upgrades, not a lot of long range firepower (3 units at best can threaten at range reliably), and a big reliance on 2 Wagons reaching combat. AV12 open-topped is easy to get from them and it's not very tough, especially without a KFF.
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