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    Ghost-host fun list

    I brought my models to Afghanistan so I'd have time to paint them up, and loh and behold there are about six of us here with armies!!! So what was once just a fun to paint army needs to be played here's the list I am thinking of running.HQEldrad (but of course not Eldrad it's the guy that found his staff)Troops2x 10 man wraithguard with concealx10 Dire avengers, bladestorm and 2 catapults on exarch in wave serpent with twin linked scatterElite9x Harlies with kisses and shadowseerHeavy support3x Wraithlords with EML and BrightlanceThe idea is to invalidate the small arms fire of my opponents army with min toughness six that can be shot at. The wraithguard/lords/Eldrad march up to push opponent off of objectives with Eldrad using fortune on the wraithguard. Harlies run ahead until VoT becomes ineffective and either assult or hide behind the wraithwall. The avengers cruise the back lines cleaning up outflankers and fast assults and moving to claim an objective turn 5Thoughts? Tweaks? Tactics? Bear in mind it's going to be difficult to get different models here I still have 2x boxes of scorpions, and 2x boxes of banshees but that's it.

    Gahh! It turned into a brick of text.. let me know how to retain the spaces.

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    While you are deployed just use what you have. When you get home you will find that you will want like a billion wave serpents.
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