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    200 Points: Kill Team

    Whether this kind of list belongs here, I'm none too sure. But alas, here is my list for kill-team:
    Harlequin Troupe (7):
    Troupe Master
    - Power Weapon
    - Feel No Pain Specialization
    Harlequins (5)
    - Harlequin Kiss (5)
    - Fusion Pistol (2)
    - One Harlequin with Fusion Gun has Preferred Enemy Specialization
    Death Jester - Tank Hunter Specialization
    Total: 196 Points

    I'm hoping to get a few at our gaming club to have a couple of matches with the new rules from Battle Missions book. I must say, however, that I do miss the old Kill-Team rules, but this'll make a suitable distraction. Plus, it'll allow me the time to get in a few games while I'm finishing up the rest of my army (god damn, I hate painting with a passion; with I went Saim-Hann instead of Iyanden). So, would this put up a decent fight at least

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    Looks fine to me, I take it VoT would only work for the shadow seer himself eh?
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