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    2000 Eldar expansion

    Hey guys!

    Its that magical time of year when I post a proposed list all over the internet and ask for advise so I don't make (too many) bad purchases , or have (too much) buyers remorse.

    Without further ado, here is the 2000 point list I'm planing on obtaining. By my calculations I'm about 150 dollars away from obtaining it... final stretch eh?

    Total: 1996
    HQ: 233

    Farseer- Doom, Warding, Witnessing, Spear (runs with banshees)
    Autarch- wjg, blasters, power sword, fusion gun (runs with 'spiders)

    Elites: 482
    10 Banshees- exarch, executioner
    Wave Serpent- cannon, stones

    5 Fire Dragons
    Wave Serpent- cannon, stones

    Troops: 811
    10 Dire Avengers- exarch, duel cats, bladestorm
    Wave Serpent- eml, stones

    10 Storm Guardians w/ Lock- 2 flamer, destructor
    Wave Serpent- eml, stones

    3 Bikes w/ Lock- Cannon, spear, destructor

    3 Bikes w/ Lock- Cannon, spear, destructor

    Fast Attack: 240
    9 Warp Spiders- exarch, blades, dds, withdraw

    Heavy Support: 230
    Fire Prism
    Fire Prism

    I'm worried I don't have enough melta, I could possibly switch the banshees for more fire dragons, but I really like my banshees and already own 10 of them.

    Another option is to switch my storm guardians for 2 fusion gun, spear + embolden... but the beauty of flamers is they don't need to roll to hit, which makes me reluctant to swap them out.

    People have told me I need to run embolden on small biker squads like this, I wanted to try them with destructor to make the squad more versatile. I haven't tried them with warlocks yet, but I've been impressed with tiny squads of jetbikes. jsj is fun

    I am a big fan of emls, I like them more than scatter lasers because of the AP4 on the plas round.

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    They are right embolden is a much better choice for your jetbikes.

    My only suggestion other than that is reducing the size of the warp spider squad and using the points else where. Maybe a 3rd prism, or a triple war walker with 3x shuriken cannon combo, or a cheap falcon. Those will all give you more anti tank.

    And give banshees acrobatic, its way too good for 5 pts to not have.
    Eldar -APOC- 6500 Points
    Chaos Daemons -Fate Crusher- 3500 Points
    Grey knights - 1000 Points

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