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    Help my homie, 1K campaign list

    We are playing a campaign that is escalating in points.
    Currently at 500, we are expanding to 1k next. He cannot seem to beat my mech marine list.
    His 1k list seems to be like this:
    Hive tyrand w/ heavy venom cannon and wings
    Tyranid Prime (from his 500 point HQ- has to keep)
    40 hormaguants
    5 zoanthropes (in two squads
    )I feel its a good list but he should drop a zoanthrope for another squad of gaunts to have more troops and swarm my combat squads. He feels his is getting mowed down before he can get to me and cannot figure a way to get in my face quick enough. The zoanthropes are really nasty and I think they are some of the stars of the list. Any suggestions are appreciated.
    He has to keep the prime,
    1 zoanthrope,
    and 2 squads of hormagaunts in any list.
    Also, this list must be expandable to 1500 keeping the same base units.I want to get some ideas because I dont want him giving up on this Nids so early.
    The Vanilla SM list I run at 1k is like this:
    Librarian (Null and Gate)
    10 man Tac w/ FL/ML/PF Razorback w/ TL HB
    10 man Tac w/ FL/ML/PF Razorback w/ TL HB
    5 man Sternguard w/ 1Com.FL, 1Com.MG, PF Razorback w/ TL HB

    Thanks for any feedback

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    How about something like this? More shooting, less depended in psychic and he won't give a MC as a prime target for the opponent's shooting. Also he may try to cover the toxin hormies with a screen of the normal hormagaunts. Termagaunts are there to provide further screen or go lurk in an objective and hope for the best :-)

    == HQ ==
    Tyranid Prime (1) - Deathspitter, Scything Talons = 85 pts.

    == Elites ==
    Zoanthrope Brood (3) = 180 pts.
    Hive Guard Brood (2) = 100 pts.
    Hive Guard Brood (3) = 150 pts.

    == Troops ==
    Tyranid Warrior Brood (3) - Deathspitters and BS (110 pts.)
    Termagant Brood (15) = 75 pts.
    Hormagaunt Brood (14) - Toxin Sacs = 112 pts.
    Genestealer Brood (7) = 98 pts.
    Hormagaunt Brood (15) = 90 pts.

    == Total ==
    1000 pts.
    Last edited by akt; March 29th, 2010 at 22:46. Reason: added a little of tactics

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