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    My Current Death Skullz list: Kargh's Wite But Boyz! (Casual currently)

    This is the army I've been assembling for awhile now, and I want to see if there's anything particular ineffective I'm doing. There's a few things I know that LO likes that I don't have, such as KFF Meks, but I am not willing to give up my Weird Boy for that... He's sent lighting straight through FAR too many dreadnaughts for me to give up old Crazybrainz! I know Grax and ===Him=== aren't going to like this list either, with the Nobz and Flash Gits... but the Nobz are here to stay (Although I might take less of them as I get more boyz, and if it was any less than a 2K points list I'd take far less) and the Gitz are going to be thoroughly field tested before I make any decisions.

    The army itself is meant to be a pretty shooty Ork army with a core of good melee units (like all ork armies need) to get stuck in with. The idea is to shoot the enemie's CC units, and CC the enemies shooty units... pretty simple.

    My army has grown since this post and I'm to post my new and hopefully improved 2K list. I have about 3K of units, so I'm a bit more flexible on my list now. Also, I got a job, so getting units is a little easier, heh. For now Im just to list my models, and I'll build the list after that.


    Warboss Kargh: 110
    - Power Klaw
    - Slugga
    - Attack Squig (Named Chompler!)
    - Boss Pole
    - 'Eavy Armor (Been thinking about using Cybork instead, but so far it's Armor)

    Weirdboy Crazybrainz:


    Nobz x10:
    - 1 Power Klaw
    - 2 Shoota/Skorcha
    - 2 Big choppas
    - Bosspole
    - Waaagh! banner
    * Warboss Attached*

    'Ard Boyz
    x 12: 200
    - Nob
    - Power Klaw
    - Bosspole
    - Trukk
    - Armor Plates

    Ork Mob x20

    Ork Shootas x30:
    - 2 Big Shootas
    *Weirdboy Attached*

    Gretchen x20:
    - 2 Runtherds
    - 1 Grot-prod


    Mega-nobs x4: 170
    - 2 Kombi-skorchas

    Battlewagon Transport: 145
    - Kannon
    - 2 Big Shootas
    - Deff Rolla
    - Armor Plates
    - Grot Riggers

    Lootas x10: 150
    - 2 Meks w/ Big Shootas

    Tankbustas x5
    - Nob
    - 2 Tankhammers
    - 3 Bomb Squid

    Fast Attack

    Warbikers x 5:
    - Nob
    - Big Choppa (Probably should be a PK, but it's what I put on him at the time to keep them cheap. They're mostly just shooting units int his list anyway.)
    - Bosspole

    Warbuggy x2
    - Rokkits

    Heavy Support:

    Killa Kanz x2
    - Rokkit Launcher
    - Grotzooka

    Deff Dread
    2x flamers OR Big Shootas (magnetized)

    Lootas x10
    - 2 meks w/ big shootas

    Flash Gitz x5: 125
    - More Dakka
    - Dakka Sarj'ent [Looking for name]
    (Uses badrukk's rules. Flash git model with Looted Iron Halo for the invuln save. 2nd in command of Kargh's Wite Butz)

    Big Guns: Kannons x3
    - Some gretchen

    And they're called the Wite Butz because they all wear white pants. One of my girl-friends thought it would be funny to call them that after I showed her a model with white pants, but said I didn't know if white was an "Orky" color.

    Last edited by Vazzaroth; November 17th, 2010 at 02:22.
    I am verbose. Sorry.
    Current Armies:
    Kargh's Wite Butz, Death Skullz Orks: W: 5, L:, 2 D:2; Silver-skull Necrons: 1W 1L,500 pt

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    Senior Member SheBeast76's Avatar
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    I know you don't want (or have the models to) change your force a whole lot, so I'll try to make suggestions that won't.

    Instead of either/or, give your warboss the 'eavy armor AND the cybork body. He becomes that much tougher.

    I use a weirdboy in my Snakebites lists, and I love him as well. Not so much the upgrade, though.

    I'd attach your warboss to your Nobz, instead of your meganobz (keep their slow movement speed to themselves). I'd keep my trukks "naked", as they are blown apart quite easily. Giving a nob or two a big choppa wouldn't hurt either.

    Again, keep your trukks "naked". The upgrades do little to a vehicle which gets blown apart easily. Your 'ard boyz are good.

    Since your shoota boyz are 30 models strong, I'd give them 3 big shootas.

    I'd have taken two grot-prods.

    Your troops are a bit small for a 2000p list. I'd squeeze in another shoota boy mob.

    Don't attach your warboss to the meganobz, unless he too has mega armor. I'd give the whole mob shoota-skorchas. As being a small mob, placing them in a trukk and zipping down a flank,you can do some real damage.

    I assume the battlewagon was the transport for the meganobz/ warboss? As a transport, I normally choose 4 big shootas and a deff rolla. If I were to take something like a kannon, I'd give the battlewagon the 'ard case upgrade and include the killacannon as well. Add 4 big shootas, and you got yourself one bad arse tank!

    Don't place meks in a loota mob, as it's just a waste of points. A mob of 10 lootas is just plain murder.

    Never use your bikers as just a shooty mob. Give your nob a power klaw, send the mob down a flank, and kill something worthwhile. For example, a extra-shooty squad say a devastator squad or a heavy weapon squad with lascannons or autocannons? You also can go after farseers, and the like, who think hanging back is the safe thing to do.

    As for deff koptas, either a mob of 1 or a full mob. They have a crappy LD, and scouting can take them only so far. Taking one with a buzzsaw, and scouting it, can do damage to a flank before it's destroyed. A full mob, with a bigbomm, can be a nice delivery service of "death" before they go down too. Extra planning needs to go into deff koptas in order to add them to your list.

    I'd keep the killa khans in anti-tank duty. Squadrons of 3 each, all with rokkits. The grotzookas aren't "all that", and large mobz of shoota boyz will do far more damage.

    I never used Flash Gitz, so I don't have an opinion on using them.

    I love your mob's name! Don't we women come up with some niffy ideas? My snakebites mob is called "The Scaly butts"! Once my warboss has a name, that will replace the "The".

    Just my opinions, so take them or leave them

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    Member Vazzaroth's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
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    18 (x1)

    I like the critique.

    I think I will do the cybork and 'eavy armor since I'm going to lose the Trukk Extras. I just had some extra points, but I think I've found other places to put them.

    I'm still not sure about Warphead. I only use the re-oll about once every other game but I take it every timesince the weirdboy is so cheap already, but to be fair I have only rolled a 'Ead Banger once (And I re-rolled it). Usually it's to try to get 'Ere we go if I roll a Waaagh! (I find waaaghs to be pretty useless. I've never needed to waaagh after I used my 1 per game)

    I used to attach the boss to the Nobz, but the lack of a Bosspole has made we wish I could get one on the MegaNobz in the last few games. They're numbers are so low that one casualty forces the check. I might put the boss back on the Nobz and make the BW the Nobz' transport (I haven't bought my trukks yet so maybe I'll just get one.)

    I actually do have 2 Big Choppas in the nobs squad, I just didn't bring them because I didn't want the nobs to be any more expensive. I might lose the heavy armor on all but the Waaagh and PK nobs... That gets quite expensive on all of them. Or ditch all the armor and give them a Painboy ( I already have one)

    Honestly I have no idea why I didn't give them 3 Big Shooters. I just forgot. Also, I might go ahead and get two grot prods. I wanted to try out the Grabba stikk in game, and it's never really come up as helpful. I like the way the grabba stikk looks, maybe Ill steal a battery pack from another bit and make it a prod...

    I might run 20 more Foot sloggin slugga boys with 2 Rokkits, or 12 more slugga boys with a truckk. I have about 26 slugga models so I'm going to have some left over after the 12 'Ard boys.

    I think I'll keep the 2 skorchas. I just don't want to invest that many points into an upgrade I may never use, if my meganobs either get wasted or assaulted.

    Regionally the BW was just going to be a dakka tank, but the position of the 2 Big Shootas on the side kinda sucked. I wanted to be able to actually use all 4 guns in one turn. I think I like the way I have it kitted, since it can move 6 inches and still fire a Big Shooter and frag round.

    I really hate that they only give you 4 lootas in a box. I might try to get 2 more. In large games like 2K I'll probably still field 2 Meks for 10 lootas 2 meks. I like having a consistent 6 shots to go with the DeffGuns 1-3 shots.

    I'll probably go ahead and get a PK on the Bikers. When I made them I didn't realize how good a very fast PK is.

    I actually don't even like my deffkoptas, I just felt really unnderequipped for AT duties now that my main opponent got a Land Raider and my Proxied Tankbustas failed to perform as good as I hoped. I'm really thinking I will lose the Deffkoptas and pick up Badrukk for my Flash gits (Actually going to use the new Flash Git model to lead my scretchbuilt ones as "Dakka Sargeant Grimzog'" with Badrukk's rules)


    I appreciate the thoughts on the Killa Kans, but I think I'm staying with my 2 squad configurations. I already have a rokkit kan, and when I buy the new box of 3 I will have 4. Basically, they are both AT, one is heavy AT and one is Light AT, IE: Anti-transport.

    I will probably update the list soon. I'm still open to comments!
    I am verbose. Sorry.
    Current Armies:
    Kargh's Wite Butz, Death Skullz Orks: W: 5, L:, 2 D:2; Silver-skull Necrons: 1W 1L,500 pt

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