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    1500 necrons vs blood angles

    Im having a grudge match against my friend shortly. He is a hardcore blood angles player and ive only just started using necrons so i need some help. What would be a good army list against -

    Brother Corbulo
    10 space marines
    5 Death Company
    Razor back
    Death company dreadnaught
    drop pod
    20 Assault marines

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Okay, lets see: You are likely to face droppoded dreadnaught and assault marines deep striking combined with rhino delivering rest of the stuff right on your doorsteps.
    So, you *will* have to fight in CC whether you like it or not.

    His weakness is pretty obvious: He doesn't have much of ranged firepower so he can't (and won't) fight on range. Thus he will have to charge your main phalanx and try to sweep your troops off the board untill you reach phase out.

    You need to field a lot of necron bodies to make up for all that CC power. If you take only two squads of troops they will get charged, swept and you will phase out. Thus I'd take 3 squads of 10 Warriors and 1 Squad of 7 or 8 immortals or 4 squads of Warriors. Thats 720 - 764 points in your phalanx. Then you obviously need lord with orb. Leave him with staff of light and nothing more except maybe Gaze of Flame. That would put you to 900 points. After that I suggest you field a small contingent of Scarab Swarms (with D-fields) that is another 100 points. Fill up the rest with C'tan and Destroyers and you are set.

    Plan is this: Pile your phalanx real tight together around lord and C'tan and let him come, put your Scarabs and Destroyers into reserve. He will deep strike near you and go for assault so you counter assault with C'tan and lord and shoot everything you can while your scarabs chew up his vehicles. Zoom destroyers to put hurt where needed. The idea is to "feed" your warriors to him piecemeal: He assaults one warrior squad and probably wipes it in one round only to be caught out in open being shot down by 3 other squads and then counter charged.

    Now this is all based on my last experience fighting Land Raider rushing assault marines. There might be a better (or just different) way of dealing with assault heavy Blood Angels and I'm quite interested to hear what others here have to say on this
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    Perhaps you could also take a look at The Arts of the Red Harvest for counteracting deepstrikers: http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...-strikers.html
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    Beat him at his own game....Ctan is an excellent counter assaulting unit.

    At 1500 i'm torn as to what to give up the Lord+orb or a monolith. I'd vote monolith even though he can't pop it, the Ctan will earn his points back and more.

    Suggested list:
    11 Warriors
    10 Warriors
    10 Warriors
    5 Destroyers
    5 Destroyers
    1498 pts

    Stay at range and shoot, RUN your necrons away since you won't have a portal. Oh yeah, and if he tries to ALPHA strike (drop pod turn one on your ranks) you, hold all the warriors in reserve so he can't DS on them turn one (bring them on table edge) Game over.
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